Dark Souls Is Getting A Novel By Star Wars Legends Author

As if Dark Souls' lore wasn't already deep and convoluted enough, it looks like we're going to get a whole book's worth more. The series already has a few comics based on it, but this will be a full-fledged novel, so we can expect some level of world building and lore – like the kind FromSoftware's iconic series is known for.

The novel won't just be written by anybody, but by an author who has experience in writing novels based on major IPs. Michael A. Stackpole, known for his work on various Star Wars Legends novels – including the famed Rogue Squadron – has revealed that he will be writing the book, titled Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication.

"In an underground tomb, a man who should have been dead awakens in the dark, gradually regaining his senses," reads the plot summary. "He has forgotten his past, including his name. Given the great pains taken to insure his confinement, his revival may have been anticipated, but the remains of the grave robber that is his sole companion may give a clue as to his reawakening. When the corpse of the thief rises against him, a sorcerer’s instincts emerge, and he puts it down with a flash of light from his palm. With this gesture, the memories of the cadaver flicker through him, rekindling a sense of himself…

"The desert night stretches out beyond the graveyard, and the starry sky tells the sorcerer that a long time has passed since his death," it continues. "Naming himself Ferranos after the meaningless word graven outside his tomb and armed with a dagger of a failed grave robber, he embarks on an epic adventure guided by fate."

Stackpole is no stranger to adapting video games to novels either. Besides his acclaimed Star Wars projects, he has also worked on novelised versions of Gears of War, BattleTech, World of Warcraft, and Pathfinder among others. Dark Souls: Masque of Vindication will be published via a collaboration between American publisher Yen Press and Japanese publisher Kadokawa. Both of them will be working on the English and the Japanese adaptations respectively.

Both editions will launch on October 25, 2022.

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