Days Gone: How To Complete How Many Bodies

There are various storylines in Days Gone. You won’t have to complete all of them to finish the main story, but if you’re trying to receive the game’s Platinum trophy there are a few mandatory side storylines such as the Bounty Hunter storyline.

The How Many Bodies? mission is part of the Bounty Hunter storyline. This mission requires you to find and kill Two Dog. He is wanted at the Iron Mike’s camp since he’s been collecting human ears and selling them for credits as Freakers ears.

This mission is the one that was originally shown at E3 back in 2016 when Days Gone was first shown to the public. It is the one with the notorious Sawmill Horde.

How Many Bodies?

Our guide will help you find and kill Two Dog. If you’re struggling to complete this mission, simply do as follows:

Speak To Rikki

First of all, you’ll have to talk to Rikki. As with all the Lost Lake bounty missions, she’ll be the one giving you the bounty and the basic information you need to locate Two Dog.

She’ll let you know that Two Dog was last seen near the Old Sawmill so that’s where you’ll have to go next.

Head To The Old Sawmill

Once you’ve reached the Old Sawmill, the mission’s objective will update and you will have to track Two Dog. Look around the blue area marked on your map.

You will find a broken-down bike. Examine this clue by pressing down the button or the keybind that shows up on your screen, then the next blue area will appear on your map.

You will now enter the abandoned NERO camp. There will be a dead Swarmer lying on the ground, this is your next clue so examine it.

Activate your Survival Vision and Two Dog’s footsteps will appear on the ground and lead you to the next clue.

There will be another dead Swarmer on the ground, analyze this clue and you will finally locate Two Dog. Run after him and kill him.

Be very careful if you need to chase him around the sawmill. This is the location of the largest horde in the game, it consists of around 500 Swarmers so proceed with caution. Although, if you do encounter the horde, here’s our guide on how to survive a horde in Days Gone.

You need to loot his body before leaving. You have to get his knife so you can return it to Rikki as proof.

Return to Rikki

Drive back to Lost Lake so you can talk to Rikki and return Two Dog’s knife. She will thank you for helping out the camp and this concludes the mission.


So, you might be wondering if this is worth the problem. Well, just like any other mission, you will be compensated for completing it. For completing How Many Bodies? you will be rewarded with 4,000XP, 700 trust and 1,900 camp credits.

The experience points will count towards your skill level but the trust and the credits will only be valid at Iron Mike’s encampment.

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