Days Gone: How To Use Less Fuel

Sony’s Days Gone presents an intense, zombie-infested open world, in which the tension is only heightened by the lack of fuel for your bike and only means of making a quick escape. Your trusty bike has the potential to be one of the best vehicles in gaming, but only if it has enough power to get away from whatever is trying to kill you.

If you’re in a bad spot and aren’t sure where the nearest fuel canister could be, there are a few techniques you can use to get the most out of what’s left in your tank. Here’s how to use less fuel in Days Gone.

Upgrade Your Bike To Have More Fuel

The key to permanently using less fuel is upgrading Deacon’s bike. Although it doesn’t reduce the amount of fuel you will use, the fuel storage upgrades will increase the capacity substantially.

This will give you more fuel to use before having to panic about running low. You might not think this important at first, but as the map grows you will need a bigger fuel tank to reach far away areas.

The engine is also worth upgrading, as it raises your maximum speed. You can then gain more momentum and use that to get your bike further while using less fuel.

How To Walk Your Bike

If you are running low and don’t want to waste what little fuel you have left, you can walk your bike along to still move whilst saving fuel.

To walk Deacon’s bike, you first need to get on it. Then, push the left stick forward without revving the engine. Deacon will start pushing it along with his feet. This can be especially useful when at the top of a hill, as you can push yourself onto a slope and then let gravity take care of the rest.

You can also use this to move your bike closer to hostile camps or roaming hordes, so you can sneak up on Deacon’s enemies.

Don’t Always Rev The Engine

Using the engine is a great way to quickly travel around Oregon, but running the engine all the time will burn through your fuel tank quicker than you could imagine.

Instead, rev the engine to give your bike an initial boost speed, just enough to get it moving. Then, use the natural dips in the road to keep up your bike’s momentum. As long as you aren’t revving the engine, the bike can move without using fuel. Gravity is your friend so make sure you use it when the situation isn’t urgent.

With the above tips, you should be able to preserve your fuel and never get stuck with an empty tank near an enemy camp or a ravenous horde. Just make sure you also keep your eyes out for ways to top up your fuel. You can never have too much.

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