Days Gone Is One Year Old, And Bend Studios Celebrates 200 Million Hours Of Gameplay

Days Gone, one of 2019’s biggest PS4 exclusives, has been out for a year now, and developer Bend Studios is celebrating the game’s success. In a new tweet, the studio revealed that players have racked up 200 million hours in the game, and showed off some other play stats.

In the tweet, embedded below, Bend Studios thanks its player base for playing the game and using photo mode to send screenshots to them, and gives us some insight into how the game has been played.

45 million hoardes and 32 million infestations have been cleared, along with 30 million ambush camps and 30 million nero checkpoints. Photomode has been used by 1 million players, and 600,000 have opted for the advanced features.

Along with this, players have earned 100 million trophies in the game, which is a huge number.

Days Gone was not a huge critical success; it earned a 5/10 in GameSpot’s review. However, it achieved some sales success, and has received some updates since launch. The game is set to remain a PS4 exclusive, despite rumors of a PC version.

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