Days Gone: What Happens If You Give Leon’s Stash To Copeland Or Tucker?

There are various survivor camps you’ll come across during your time playing Days Gone. Increasing your trust level with them will be beneficial for you and you’ll gain access to new weapons and upgrades you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

As part of the Chasing Leon storyline, you’ll be forced to make a decision, one that is quite important for your early-game gameplay. The mission Price On Your Head makes you choose whose camp should get Leon’s drug stash, Mark Copeland’s camp or Ada Tucker’s camp.

  • Regardless of the camp you decide to go with, you will always gain 2,000XP, 1,500 credits, and  5,000 trust.

You need experience points to earn more skill points and improve Deacon’s capabilities and trust points to increase your trust level with a camp and unlock better gear and weapons.

So, if you don’t want to make an uninformed decision or you’re simply curious about what could’ve happened if you had chosen the other camp, we’ve written this guide so you know what the differences between the two scenarios are. Let’s go over the possibilities.

2 What Happens When You Bring The Drug Stash To Tucker

As the game will tell you before you select which option you’d prefer, “Alkai has weapons for sale that are better than yours.” This will be the main reason to opt for bringing it to Tucker instead.

  • Increasing your trust with Tucker’s camp will make it so you can access better weapons early on. However, most of them will still be locked until your trust goes up another level and you’ll need a total of 12,500 trust points before reaching trust level 2.

1 What Happens When You Bring The Drug Stash To Copeland

Copeland owes you after he stole your bike for parts, so Manny has promised to restore it for you.

  • Increasing your trust with Copeland’s camp will give you access to better bike upgrades. And, since you will spend most of the time on your bike it is crucial to improve it. You can make it faster, quieter, bulkier, etc.

There is more to upgrading your in-game bike than you may think. It’s actually got quite a few different options that you can improve. You can even modify it with a sweet new paint job. If you’d like to know where and how to do this, we’ve written a complete guide on how to upgrade your bike in Days Gone.

Plus, if you plan on doing as much as you can around Copeland’s area at the start of the game, you might increase your trust there faster than at Tucker’s.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely up to you. It is completely subjective and both camps have their own advantages. If you think one of the camps might more beneficial to you, analyze which one works best according to how you play the game.

This decision will mostly affect the beginning of the game. Soon enough you’ll receive other types of missions and start gaining trust in both camps just as fast.

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