Dead By Daylight Announces Accessibility Menu For Text, Subtitles, And Colourblind Options

Dead by Daylight is adding a new accessibility menu in its next update that will let you customise subtitle and text size, enable certain colourblind modes, as well as reduce motion sickness by disabling last survivor standing FOV. On top of size, the subtitle background can be altered, and all of this is located just next to general for easy access.

Crossovers are Dead by Daylight's big thing. Resident Evil alone has seen Nemesis and Wesker, Scream has joined the fold with Ghostface, and Hellraiser has been roped in with Pinhead, just to name a few. But Dead by Daylight has been doing more than bringing in horror icons for players to toy around with – it's been slowly improving accessibility in each update. It removed a button-mashing sequence and added new colourblind options, and it's now consolidating its accessibility settings into one, easy-to-find section (thanks, Can I Play That?).

The last big update to accessibility was the aforementioned button-mashing sequence. If you get hooked in Dead by Daylight – not hooked on DbD or Hooked on You – you have to wriggle off or wait for another player to pull you down. All while risking the killer sitting in the bushes with a knife, waiting to jump your friends. To wriggle off, you had to button mash, but this was swapped out for skill checks.

This was based on community feedback, something developer Behaviour Interactive is pulling heavily from to better its accessibility in an effort to make Dead by Daylight playable for even more.

Colourblind options were another highly-requested feature that Dead by Daylight added way back in January, changing the HUD, scratch marks, and auras with several new options. These can all be found in the new menu.

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