Dead Cells Reveals Content Roadmap For iOS & Android

One of the best roguelikes on mobile is about to get even better. Playdigious has announced a thorough roadmap for Dead Cells, giving us a detailed look at what we can expect to see added over the next year.

The first thing heading to iOS and Android is the Legacy Update, available later this fall. Already out on PC and console, this version will add a slew of difficult new content to Dead Cells. Players will be getting new biomes, bosses, weapons, enemies, and even new skills and mutations. The Legacy Update brings the game up to version 1.6 and will be free to all users when it’s released.

Anyone still hooked on Dead Cells come 2021 will be able to purchase the DLC expansion, The Bad Seed. Much like the Legacy Update, this one will yet again include new biomes, bosses, weapons, enemies, skills, and mutations. New locations include the Arboretum, the Swamp, and the Heart of the Swamp, each one more difficult than the last. The Bad Seed garnered rave reviews when it launched this February on PC, and we’re hopeful things will be the same come 2021 on mobile.

The last bit of content revealed by the roadmap is just a teaser, announcing a planned updated for the summer of 2021. We also learned that custom skins and runs are being considered by the development team, and they might make an appearance at a later date.

Dead Cells on mobile is a surprisingly robust adaptation of the original. Despite its unforgiving nature and reliance on precise timing and button presses, Dead Cells is able to pull it off on the small screen thanks to a bunch of touchscreen-friendly features. These include a minimalistic UI that doesn’t intrude on the action and the option to turn on a convenient auto-attack feature. The game is also compatible with most Bluetooth controllers if you find yourself struggling with the mobile controls.

Dead Cells is available on iOS and Android for $8.99. No price has been announced for The Bad Seed DLC planned for early 2021, but you can snag the Legacy Update for free later this fall.

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