Dead Effect 2 Gets Surprise App Lab Release On Quest

Well this is unexpected. BadFly Interactive’s Dead Effect 2 VR has launched on Oculus Quest via App Lab.

The game launched on the service last week for $19.99. As the name suggests, Dead Effect 2 VR itself is a full port of the original game. The VR edition launched in 2017 on PC VR headsets after a stint on early access and was pretty popular at the time, offering a rare full, single-player campaign-driven experience.

Here’s a trailer from the game’s original launch on PC. Obviously don’t expect the same level of visual fidelity out of the Quest version.

In the game, you fend for yourself on a spaceship overrun with all types of monsters. It’s a fairly simple shooter, but it’s enriched with RPG mechanics and a range of different weapons. There’s enough meat to it that we’re surprised to see it launch on App Lab rather than the official Oculus Store.

App Lab does allow developers to release their content on Quest without having to pass Facebook’s own rigorous curation standards. But this means the game isn’t actually visible from the main Quest store itself – you have to find them via direct links elsewhere.

Will you be picking up Dead Effect 2 on App Lab? Let us know in the comments below!

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