Dead Island 2 Fan Shares Their 8-Year-Old Pre-Order

Dead Island fans hoping its long-awaited sequel really is still happening were given renewed hope this week. Terrific news for one player, in particular, who placed a pre-order for Dead Island 2 almost eight years ago, and despite its development turmoil, they have held onto that pre-order for all this time.

RossRFCFan shared a screenshot of their Amazon pre-order on Reddit this week in light of the news that Dead Island 2 really is still coming. A report earlier this week highlighted Amazon listings for the sequel on multiple platforms, claiming it to have a release date of February 3, 2022. As for whether Ross's pre-order will be honored, even they're not sure if that will be the case.

“In light of the recent Dead Island 2 leaks, I thought I'd share my pre-order,” Ross wrote on Reddit. As you can see in their screenshot, the pre-order was placed all the way back on October 4, 2014. That was back when Yager Development was still in charge of the project which feels like a lifetime ago. In 2015 Sumo Digital would take the helm, and four years after that Dambuster replaced Sumo.

The new Amazon listing for Dead Island 2 has it retailing for $69.99. If that new price is accurate, Ross may have bagged themselves a bargain. Their pre-order confirmation shows they paid just £36 for the game, or will do if and when it is eventually shipped. That's a little more than $43. There's a chance the pre-order isn't honored, but that seems unlikely.

That's because this isn't the first instance of something like this happening. If Ross is looking for evidence that their pre-order will be honored despite the time that has passed and price difference, someone previously received their copy of Duke Nukem Forever despite having placed their pre-order ten years earlier for a lower price. EA also revealed recently that it will honor FIFA 23 preorder sales after the game was briefly listed for $0.063 by mistake.

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