Dead Rising Creator Joins NFT Racket With Beastroid Range

Dead Rising creator and Mega Man artist/producer Keiji Inafune has announced a new NFT project called Beastroid, a "robo-revolution collection" for the PolkaFantasy's Metaverse venture.

"In 20xx, humans are in danger of extinction," the summary reads (as spotted by VGC). "In their hope to survive, Paradise is the destination. An organisation led by a wealthy man Ethan deployed 'Guardian V' to protect the grounds and to kill any human that tries to breach. To counterstrike, Beastroids are the only hope for the future of mankind."

It's no small endeavour—this NFT collection is made up of 2,620 Beastroids, all with Inafune's signature Mega Man style. But it should be said that it's not 2,620 designs as many have colour variations, premium variants, and more, creating a line-up of Smash Bros.-like alternates, only instead of getting Red Luigi, you get a hippo in a mech suit that damages the environment.

Getting into NFTs is becoming less and less worthwhile as sales are reportedly down 92 percent, with million-dollar NFTs like the first-ever tweet suddenly being pawned off for thousands, losing a significant chunk of value. Regardless, game developers such as Ubisoft and Konami are throwing their hats in the ring en masse, while Square Enix even sold off Crystal Dynamics and Eidos along with some of its most prestigious Western IPs in a bid to expand its Metaverse and NFT ambitions.

But people aren't purchasing these NFTs. Ubisoft struggled to get its line-up off the ground with very few players buying into the new scheme. Whether Beastroids will share the same fate remains to be seen, but the general reception is already overwhelmingly negative.

Most of the comment section is made up of Mega Man memes from him throwing up to punching a wall and exclaiming, "Fuck!" to facepalming and proclaiming that they're not happy.

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