Dead Space: How To Unlock The New Ending

Dead Space's remake plays things pretty close to the original when it comes to… well, just about everything. The story's largely unchanged. The levels are more or less as veterans will remember them. There are small but important shifts, like door placements and brand-new side quests. On the whole, however, 2023's version is a prettier, scarier rendition of 2008's.

And then there are the endings. Yes, there's an alternate finish to Isaac's story, and yes, it's worth checking out. This guide'll get you sorted, so you know how to unlock it, but we'll refrain from getting into spoilers, because that'd just be rude.

Replay The Game

The first thing you'll need to do in order to unlock Dead Space (2023)'s harrowing new ending is to beat the game as-is once. By unlocking New Game Plus, you can replay the remake with plenty of perks, including the chance to unlock the alternate ending.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't dig around for fun stuff like audio logs during your initial playthrough. Consider it all a trial run, after a fashion; crank the difficulty up a little higher on replay if you'd like, and get ready for the twist.

Collect The Marker Fragments

Marker Fragments will only appear strewn throughout the Ishimura during New Game Plus. Most chapters contain a single Marker Fragment. Chapters Five and Ten have two apiece, whereas Chapter Nine does not appear to have one at all.


Chapter and Location


Chapter One; Maintenance Office


Chapter Two; Doctor Kyne's Office


Chapter Three; Power Station 03


Chapter Four; Break Room


Chapter Five; Doctor Mercer's Office


Chapter Five; Medical Deck


Chapter Six; East Glow Chamber


Chapter Seven; Mineral Samples


Chapter Eight; Communications Room


Chapter Ten; Deluxe Bunks


Chapter Ten; Inquiry Room


Chapter 11; Cargo Bay

For now, know that upon reaching Chapter 11, you'll need to swing by the Captain's Quarters, where a (very) bizarre relic can be interacted with. Doing so triggers the relic to 'request' your fragments. Fork them over and complete the remainder of the game as you did previously.

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