Dead Space Remake Confirmed For Early 2023 Release

Dead Space is coming, but it won’t be out this year. That’s the message from Motive Studios, which just wrapped a livestream update on how the development of the hotly anticipated remake is going.

The news comes as little surprise following yesterday’s report that Dead Space had been delayed from 2022 to early 2023. First announced in July 2021, EA didn’t provide a release window knowing that the difficulties of working from home in the middle of a pandemic would likely delay Dead Space, although yesterday’s report noted that EA was initially targeting a late 2022 release–perhaps even in time for Halloween.

However, today’s broadcast confirmed that Motive needs a bit longer to get Dead Space right. Dead Space now has a release window of early 2023.

We all know EA’s history of rushing games out the door to make stockholder-set deadlines, so this delay is probably for the best. It’s more important for EA and Motive to get the Dead Space remake right than to get it out in time for Halloween. We’ve waited this long, what’s another few months?

As for the stream itself, senior producer Philippe Ducharme, creative director Roman Campos-Oriola, and audio director Olivier Asselin discussed a number of topics with a focus on Dead Space’s audio. The original game had stereo sound, but in the age of 3D audio, stereo just isn’t going to cut it. Motive is taking Dead Space’s audio to the current age with occluded and obstructed audio that will change the way things sound depending on what’s in the way. A full-metal wall will block all sound, but a glass window will vibrate and let some muffled sounds through. A metal pillar will split the sound so that it comes from two reflected directions rather than straight ahead, while a long corridor will add a creepy echo to whatever monster is lurking at the far end.

But a lot of the livestream was full of placeholder content, and it was pretty obvious that the game’s performance wasn’t much better than the original’s 30fps on consoles. It was pretty clear that Dead Space isn’t anywhere near done.

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