Dead Space Remake Speedrunner Sets New Sub-Two-Hour World Record

A Dead Space player tried to achieve the fastest playtime of the recent remake, clocking in at just under two hours for the whole adventure. It's the world record now, but it is likely that this impressive time can be further improved.

YouTuber sharkhat87 shared their successful attempt at speedrunning Dead Space Remake on PC, completing the task in just one hour, 58 minutes, and 31 seconds. An impressive achievement given that the usual playthrough will take you anywhere between 12 to 15 hours. As you can imagine, sharkhat87 avoided combat as much as possible, rarely taking shots at Necromorphs all around. It seems that his version of Isaac Clarke was completely focused on his primary goal of repairing the giant Planet Cracker and was barely interested in everything else that happened on the ship before his arrival.

The video shows that sharkhat87 not only knows his surroundings perfectly, but also uses a couple of tricks and bugs to navigate the USG Ishimura faster than Motive Studios would have intended. For instance, at around the 36-minute mark in the footage below, you can see him using a special technique of clipping through some parts of the ship, skipping valuable minutes of running around the dark hallways crawling with mutated enemies.

Another trick shown by him in the video is dragging some essential quest objects with the Kinesis Module through half the ship, which might be a problem for inexperienced players. Not everything went as smoothly as expected in the speedrun, as sharkhat87 made some mistakes that slowed him down, which means the final time could end up being even shorter. Considering the remake has been out for less than a month, it's redoubtable that other speedrunners might beat this record-breaking time rather soon.

Following the game's launch, players have definitely had their fun with the Dead Space remake, experimenting with the game's unique array of engineering tools and sophisticated weapons. Some have even created a kind of double-bladed lightsaber using the Line Gun, allowing for quick Necromorphs slicing at close range. Who knows what other discoveries lie ahead?

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