Dead Space Remake’s Most-Used Weapon Is Unsurprisingly The Plasma Cutter

Motive has revealed the most-used weapon in the Dead Space remake, and it will surprise absolutely no one to find out that it's the Plasma Cutter.

It's been close to a month since the Dead Space remake hit and to celebrate that fact, Motive has shared a bunch of stats from the community's time with the game so far, including revealing the most-used weapon, the Necromorph that has killed players the most, how many times Isaac has been killed, and more.

Perhaps the least surprising bit of news (but something worth sharing to show that good taste is still a thing) is that the Plasma Cutter is the most-used weapon in the game so far. This isn't surprising for a number of reasons, chiefly that it's the first weapon you get and the easiest to use, but also because it just is Dead Space. At this point, the Plasma Cutter is more iconic than Isaac himself.

On the subject of weapons, the data also shows that the most upgraded weapon node is the Capacity one for the Pulse Rifle. As pointed out by GamesRadar+, this is likely due to the infinite ammo hack glitch that lets players turn ammo into mines and then back again to essentially get unlimited ammo.

On the Necromorph side, the data reveals that the enemy that has killed Isaac the most is the Slasher, and that the regenerating Hunter has killed a surprisingly low 87,655 players. The Necromorphs have got their own back, however, as Isaac has apparently been killed 7,516,573 times. How many of those deaths do you want to be are Impossible mode runs?

As a final stat, the Dead Space Twitter account also revealed that only 22.96 percent of players had managed to find Peng, an easter egg collectible that can be picked up in the game's eleventh chapter. That's another surprisingly low stat, but I guess some players are just trying to survive the horrors of the Ishimura.

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