Death Stranding Fans Have Theories About Old Sam And Young Fragile

We finally saw the long-awaited reveal of Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards last night and, in true Kojima-fashion, the game's first trailer is chock full of mystery, symbolism, and intrigue. There were plenty of details to thoroughly analyze, although one of the biggest mysteries so far revolves around Fragile and Sam, both of whom appear to be much younger and older than they were in the original game. Be warned there are endgame spoilers for Death Stranding coming up.

Fans have been theorizing on the Death Stranding subreddit about what the new looks for both of these characters could potentially mean, starting with Fragile. We know from the first Death Stranding that Fragile was severely injured by Higgs after he made her run through timefall, but her body shows no signs of that injury in the Death Stranding 2 trailer. It was previously thought that this scene could have been a flashback, but u/dundoniandood points out that the child she's carrying is Louise (Sam's BB from DS1) due to the name on her bib.

That makes things a bit trickier to explain, but there are plenty of interesting theories floating around. For example, u/IndianaJwns reckons reverse timefall could be introduced in DS2, letting Fragile take another dip and reverse the aging inflicted in the first game. Another theory comes from u/Mehlano who thinks it could be down to healing powers from Louise, while u/LaserTurboShark69 thinks we could be seeing an alternate reality Fragile, as Kojima may possibly be about to bring us his take on the multiverse.

Sam is a little trickier to figure out, as it's only really his hair that has changed. It was revealed in DS1 that Sam is a BB which could contribute to his rapid aging, while a couple of people think the scene with Sam takes place far into the future and that Fragile is actually a figment of his imagination. Then there are a few people that just think Sam is grey because of stress, which does track considering all of the horrors the poor man has been through already. Let the dude rest, dammit!

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