Death Stranding gameplay trailer COUNTDOWN: Start time and date for PS4 TGS 2019 reveal

Death Stranding is set to be one of the big headliners of TGS 2019 day one, with almost 50 minutes of PS4 gameplay set to be showcased.

The Death Stranding release date is almost upon us, but how the new title from Hideo Kojima will play still remains a mystery.

First announced back during E3 2016, there have been plenty of trailers for Death Stranding released in the years that followed.

However, these trailers invariably just added to the mystery of what Death Stranding is all about and how it will actually play.

The first proper bit of gameplay footage we saw of Death Stranding was shown during E3 2019, with more debuted during Gamescom in August.

But these reveals only showed a snippet of gameplay, with fans left wondering how the Metal Gear Solid mastermind’s latest title will actually play.

Is it mainly a walking and exploration simulation? Will there be much combat? And can Sam do anything to take down those horrifying, huge ink-like creatures?

As the Death Stranding release date draws near fans look set to get their best glimpse yet of what the PS4 exclusive is all about.

During TGS 2019 around 80 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay will be showcased.

This is the most amount of gameplay footage that has ever been shown of Death Stranding.

The first Death Stranding gameplay presentation will take place on the first day of TGS 2019, Thursday September 12.

Death Stranding will be showcased on the stage in Tokyo by Sony from 3.30pm local time.

For fans in the UK, this Death Stranding showing will start at 7.30aam BST.

On Twitter Kojima-san said the Death Stranding gameplay presentation will last for around 50 minutes.

On Saturday September 14 a further 30 minutes of Death Stranding gameplay will be showcased at the Tokyo Game Show.

This presentation will begin at 4pm local time, which is 8am BST.

Kojima-san tweeted: “Here’s the details of DS STAGE SHOW at TGS

“9/12 will show you DS basics, 50min long gameplay footage. (Strand Game)

“9/14 will show you 30 min long actual gameplay from the specific location. Played by Yoshiike.

“9/15 will be a fan day w/ Japanese voice actors. See you then”.

It was previously revealed by Ayako Terashima, Hideo Kojima’s long-time personal assistant, that the TGS Death Stranding reveal would be streamed.

Terashima-san posted a tweet to a YouTube video which has since been taken down.

Despite this, it seems likely the Death Stranding TGS reveal will be streamed on YouTube.

Click here to be directed to the official PlayStation YouTube channel.

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