Death Stranding no longer listed as a PS4 exclusive

The first hint may have dropped that Death Stranding is coming to PC, even if an Xbox version is still extremely unlikely.

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that PlayStation Australia no longer has Death Stranding in a list of PlayStation exclusives, stoking rumours that the game may shortly be announced for PC.

The page shows every current and forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive but while Death Stranding used to be listed it no longer is, as proven by fans on forum ResetEra.

The UK version of the page is laid out differently, and is less comprehensive in general, but it also doesn’t mention Death Stranding. There doesn’t seem to be any U.S. equivalent of the page.

The recently unveiled cover art has always been missing the ‘Only on PlayStation’ logo, which seems to be another give away that it’ll appear on other formats at some point.

Unlike Microsoft there’s usually never a PC version of a PlayStation 4 exclusive made by an internal Sony studio, but Death Stranding is by Hideo Kojima’s own company – which may leave them free to make a PC version if they want.

Whether the game is a permeant console exclusive or if its exclusivity is limited to a certain period of time has never been stated, which normally means an Xbox version would be possible in a year or so’s time.

However, Sony’s close relationship with Kojima over the game, which has included financial and technical help, may preclude that in this instance.

Kojima will be at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event later in the month, where it’s possible he could announce a PC version. Although you’d imagine Sony would only want him to do that after the PlayStation 4 edition is released.

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