Death Stranding On PC Made $27 Million In 2020

The PC version of Death Stranding was released in July 2020 on Steam and the Epic Games Store, and according to a new report, it became publisher 505 Games’ biggest launch.

Milan-based company Digital Bros, 505 Games’ parent company, has revealed Death Stranding’s revenue from last year in its latest financial report. 505 Games only distributes the PC version, while Sony handles Kojima’s work on PlayStation. During the accounting period from July by the end of 2020, Death Stranding generated $27 million (€23 million) on the platform.

Previously, Digital Bros said the company expects more than $59 million for the entire period of Death Stranding sales on PC. The company has not shared sales figures beyond 2020 just yet.

According to the Digital Bros report, more than 90% of the company’s gross revenue came from its premium segment, which includes Death Stranding, Control, Ghostrunner, and Assetto Corsa. Overall, Digital Bros’s total revenue from its premium games segment grew by 38% in just half of its fiscal year when compared to the same figures from a year prior.

Control from Remedy Entertainment brought in $19 million (€16 million) during the period, while Assetto Corsa generated $10.5 million (€9 million), and Ghostrunner brought in an additional $8.2 million (€7 million).

From what we know, Control’s total revenue almost hit $49 million since the game came out in 2019. The developers estimate the production budget for the project at about $30 million. And two months before Control’s launch, Epic Games paid $10.5 million for temporary exclusivity of the game on EGS.

While Death Stranding and Control are big-hitters, Ghostrunner became a surprise for the company, as the project covered its production costs on the first day. With such success, publisher 505 Games was quick to acquire the rights for the Ghostrunner brand, paying $5.8 million (€5 million).

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