Deathloop Getting Golden Loop Update On All Platforms And Coming To Game Pass On September 20

Arkane's Deathloop was highly anticipated from the moment it was announced, but the PlayStation exclusive wouldn't remain exclusive for long given Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda. Now, you can preload the game on your Xbox One or Series console ahead of its September 20 launch date.

As well as finally coming to Xbox a year after it launched on PlayStation, Deathloop is getting a Golden Loop update across all platforms. This update will include a new weapon, new enemies, new upgrades, cross-platform matchmaking, and, most excitingly of all, an extended ending.

The news came with a bombastic new trailer for the game, showing of Colt's arsenal of weapons and mystical abilities, as well as several methods Juliana has at her disposal to get in his way.

In Deathloop, you can play as either Colt or Juliana. As Colt, you have to kill eight targets on the island in the space of a day in order to close the loop. As Juliana, it's your mission to ensure Colt doesn't succeed. You can invade other player's games to make it as tough as possible for them to succeed.

The James Bond-esque song and frenetic trailer, alongside the quippy dialogue of the protagonists makes the game feel fresh and exciting again for a whole new playerbase. Perhaps the new content will also convince people who played on PlayStation or PC to dive back in.

In other Deathloop news, this isn't the only impactful update the game has received. Back in March, the game got a photo mode as well as more accessibility options, meaning more players could take part in the fun and share their kills with friends.

It also turns out that Arkane has no interest in making linear campaigns anymore. It seems Deathloop has inspired them to head in a new direction. Well, several new directions all at once, with more branching directions that lead off from those. Arkane is currently working on Redfall, the vampiric multiplayer game that we got more gameplay footage of back in June.

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