Deathloop is brand new game from Dishonored developer Arkane Studios

There might not be any sign of Dishonored 3 but Bethesda has revealed something even better: a brand new IP from the same developer.

They haven’t been doing it for anywhere near as long as some other companies, but you’d have to say Bethesda really do put on a good show at E3.

This year’s not only managed to feature lots of great looking games but also plenty of surprises, including Deathloop – which we’re still not quite sure what to make of.

It’s described as a first person action adventure and involves two characters stuck in a kind of Groundhog Day like time loop where they’re both trying to kill each other – one to keep the cycle going and one to stop it.

Much like fellow new IP GhostWire: Tokyo it really wasn’t clear what you do in Deathloop, which almost looked like a two-player battle royale at times, although some sequences show the characters fighting other enemies.

There’s no sign the game is multiplayer and according to Arkane (the original Lyon studio, which made DIshonored – not the Austin office that did Prey) the game will feature similar gameplay to their previous titles.

That would imply a fairly slow-paced first person game, although the trailer makes Deathloop look more action-packed than usual.

Again, just like GhostWire: Tokyo, there’s no indication of a release date, but there seems a good chance the game might end up being next gen.

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