Demand for Xbox Series X and S Caused Mass Site Crashes

An overwhelming demand for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S have caused crashes on many websites during the initial run of pre-orders.

From Walmart to Amazon to GameStop, major retailers were hit with waves of shoppers eager to get their hands on the gaming system. Some stores, like Best Buy and Amazon, didn’t open up their pre-orders until an hour after the official launch time (11 a.m. EDT), while others, like GameStop, implemented a queuing system that asked users not to refresh in order to keep their place in line. Skeptical, game designer Zach Gage mentioned on Twitter that GameStop’s queuing page was a spoof set to keep their servers from crashing — he was able to get through to the pre-orders in a different browser. While lucky customers were able to lock in their purchases, many others were stuck on buffer and crash pages. Xbox has since responded on Twitter that it was “humbled” by the “record-breaking demand.”

Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox Series X and S will be releasing on November 10.

In other news, Xbox Game Pass subscribers have grown 50 percent in less than six months.
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