Demon’s Souls Fans Restore Cut Shrine Of Storms Level

Demon's Souls is structured differently from its successors. After you beat the initial level, you can pick between five archstones, each leading you through paths toward a 'final' boss. One of these takes you to the Shrine of Storms, which fans have uncovered a cut level from.

The Shrine of Storms is a stone-walled fort that is grey, moody, and always under rainfall. That's thanks to the flying, aptly named, storm beasts. And then there are all the skeletons – it's not a nice place. However, there was originally more to this zone as uncovered and showcased by Thens, though it's rudimentary, lacking enemies and featuring mostly blocky designs.

It was made playable by TheHatedGravity, starting us off in a field outside the fort, entering from a giant forest. You would run across the field, guided by jutting stones that form a path, and into the fortress. Here, you'd find yourself on the edge of a cliff by the ocean, slowly making your way down.

Despite its limited visuals and lack of enemies, not having that final polish we see in other levels, it retains Demon's Souls' oppressive bleak charm. And knowing the Shrine of Storms, we'd no doubt have found ourselves contending with a horde of angry skeletons.

Once Thens descends down the fort further, they enter a cave that overlooks the ocean. This is reminiscent of the moment in the Tomb of Giants where you can see Lost Izalith and Ash Lake. Further along, they find a bridge that they can either cross or go under, circling around back. And once reaching the end, they arrive at the Shrine of Storms we know, finding that first set of stairs with the zone's signature skeletons.

While it's in a rough state right now, Thens clarified on Twitter that there are plans to restore it completely once the Sixth Archstone is finished. For context, there are five archstones in Demon's Souls, with a broken sixth that fans are piecing together to create a DLC-sized expansion. Once that ambitious project is finished, they'll return to other cut content, like this extended Shrine of Storms level.

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