Demon’s Souls: How To Glitch Your Luck Stat And One-Shot Every Enemy In The Game

The Souls series is notorious for its unforgiving difficulty and challenging boss fights. Demon’s Souls is no different. Those hoping to complete the game will need to hone their combat skills and familiarize themselves with the attack patterns of all of the game’s toughest bosses. Well, they could do that, or they could just cheat instead.

Strictly speaking, boosting one’s luck stat is more a glitch than it is a cheat, but these are just semantics really. Given that doing so allows players to kill almost every enemy in the game with just a single blow, it seems safe to assume that it’s not something that was intended to make its way into the game. Regardless, those hoping to try it out for themselves can do so by following just five easy steps.

Step 1: Level Up

Players will need to begin the game as normal and level up their character until they have at least 18 points in Dexterity, Faith, Magic and Strength. This is to enable them to wield the Blueblood Sword, which will greatly increase the amount of damage they can inflict.

If possible, they should also increase vitality and endurance to make sure that they aren’t too flimsy. All of this needs to be done now as once the glitch has been performed it will no longer be possible to level up.

Step 2: Acquire A Blueblood Sword

The Blueblood sword is one of the best weapons in the game already, but is perfect for use with the luck stat glitch due to its damage bonus being tied to the luck stat. In order to get their hands on one, players will first need a broken sword and a Pureblood Demon’s Soul.

The latter of these items can be obtained by defeating Maiden Astraea in the Sanctuary of the Lost while the former can be found in the Swamp of sorrow. After acquiring both items, players can then visit Blacksmith Ed to get their shiny new Blueblood Sword.

Step 3: Obtain A Gold Coin

It’s now time for the most frustrating part of the process and the one that will likely take the longest too. Players need to go to a location where the Fat Official enemy spawns and kill them repeatedly until one of them drops a Gold Coin.

Fat Officials appear in a few different locations, but the most convenient is Stonefang Tunnel 2-2 as players can throw themselves into the pit beneath the elevator in order to quickly respawn. The Gold Coin is a rare drop and so players will likely need to kill a few hundred Fat Officials until one shows up.

Step 4: Perform The Glitch

With all of the setup out of the way, it’s finally time to perform the glitch. Given how tedious the last step was, this one is thankfully incredibly simple. Players just need to travel back to the Nexus and then use the coin in front of the Maiden in Black.

After using the coin, players will then need to speak with the Maiden and tell her that they want to level up. Upon entering the Souls Menu, they should notice that both their Soul Level and luck stat are rising rapidly, with the former capping out at 999 and the latter falling just short of 85 thousand.

Step 5: Destroy The Game

Thanks to that insanely high luck stat, the Blueblood Sword should now deal some ridiculous damage. The overwhelming majority of enemies will go down with a single hit while a handful will instead require two. It is possible to perform the glitch twice so that everything can be killed with one strike, but it’s really not worth the effort.

Players should be careful when up against Old King Allant though as he has a grab attack that will completely drain the player’s Soul Level. If this happens, players will need to repeat steps three and four in order to reclaim their godlike status.

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