Destiny 2: 10 Best Perks You Need On Your Weapons

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep focused heavily on adding depth to its various systems. Armor got a massive expansion in stats and mods, while new weapons got added into the mix.

While Shadowkeep didn’t add Weapons 2.0, it certainly changed the effectiveness of nearly every weapon perk. These changes, combined with the sheer size of the current perk pool, makes it somewhat difficult to find what perks are useful. Luckily, there are still plenty of options for making an optimal killing machine, ranging from damage buffs to granting ability energy. Here are the 10 best perks you need on your weapons in Destiny 2.

10 Opening Shot

Range is one of the most important stats for any weapon in Destiny. It determines how far a weapon can fire before damage starts to fall off, how impactful aim assist is, and how easily the weapon can follow an enemy, referred to by the community as its “stickiness”

Opening Shot is one of the best perks in PvP because it dramatically improves your accuracy and range of your first shot from a weapon. On a hand cannon, it allows you to land the first shot in a gunfight with ease. On a shotgun, you can kill targets from a dozen meters away. It even helps with landing headshots with snipers!

9 Disruption Break

Shadowkeep brought plenty of sandbox changes with it, primarily the reduced effectiveness of nearly every damage perk in the game. While the benefit of this is debatable, it certainly brought more perks back into the spotlight.

One of those perks is Disruption Break. This is one of the only damage-enhancing perks that did not get nerfed when Shadowkeep released. Breaking an enemy’s shield causes them to take 50% increased kinetic damage. 50%! This stacks with damage perks on your kinetic weapon and damage buffs from abilities. With Izanagi’s Burden being a must-have exotic currently, a Disruption Break energy weapon pairs nicely with it.

8 Dragonfly

If damage bonuses aren’t your thing, you might enjoy using Dragonfly. This perk causes an AoE explosion based on your weapon’s elemental damage type when you get a precision kill.

While not as powerful as Firefly was in Destiny, Dragonfly in Destiny 2 is a great way of dealing with swarms of enemies. A unique mod called Dragonfly Spec also exists, increasing the range and damage of the Dragonfly explosion. With this mod, you can kill some of the strongest red-bar enemy types with a single explosion.

7 Feeding Frenzy

Damage perks are fantastic in Destiny for obvious reasons. The issue is most damage perks exist for a short time. When you consider reloads into the duration as well, most damage perks don’t last long at all.

Meet Feeding Frenzy. This perk grants a massive reload speed bonus when you get a kill. Outlaw does something similar, but Outlaw requires a precision kill for a slightly better reload buff. Feeding Frenzy is great because it is very reliable. As long as you get kills, you will always reload quickly. Combined with damage perks like Rampage, you can constantly maintain that damage bonus and kill every enemy faster than normal.

6 Firing Line

Sniper rifles were not in a very good spot for the first two years of Destiny 2. Excluding Whisper of the Worm, most legendary snipers couldn’t hold a candle to the damage Trench Barrel shotguns could deal.

Firing Line was the start of the shift to the more recent sniper meta. This perk grants 25% additional precision damage to targets when you are standing near two or more allies. In Strikes, this can be useful for quickly killing a boss. In Raids, this perk is almost always active, allowing you and others using Firing Line snipers to quickly kill a Raid boss.

5 Demolitionist

Introduced in “Season of Opulence” and present in the newest season’s weapons, Demolitionist is a fantastic alternative to most damage perks in Destiny.

Demolitionist grants grenade energy for every kill you make with that weapon, and it also reloads the weapon from reserves when you throw a grenade at an enemy. This perk allows you to enter a rhythm of killing a few enemies, throwing a grenade to kill a group, then continue firing your gun to repeat the cycle. If used properly, you never have to reload your weapon and have infinite grenades. With Demolitionist being a first column perk in “Season of Dawn” weapons, you can potentially pair this powerful perk with a damage perk like Swashbuckler to make an absurdly strong legendary weapon.

4 Rampage

This perk is about as vanilla as you can get, but there is a good reason this is still widely regarded as the best perk in Destiny. Kills with this weapon grant a damage bonus that can stack up to three times.

The damage bonus caps out at 33% extra damage when you get all 3 stacks, making most Hand Cannons and Scout Rifles instantly kill minor enemies in a single headshot. Rampage refreshes its duration when you get a kill as well, meaning that you can have this always active if you can get a kill every 3.5 seconds, upgraded to 4.5 seconds if you can get a Rampage spec mod on your weapon. Rampage is simply a solid choice for every gun in Destiny 2.

3 Rapid Hit

Similar to Outlaw, Rapid Hit requires users to aim for the head to get any benefit. Unlike Outlaw, you only need to hit the target’s weak point instead of outright killing them.

Rapid Hit provides a stacking reload and stability buff for each precision hit, capping out at 5 stacks. This reload buff rivals how much speed Outlaw grants you, and the stability buff Rapid Hit provides also matches what Zen Moment can provide. Most rapid-fire weapons benefit greatly from this perk, making them incredibly easy to control and near-instant to reload. This is arguably the best reload perk in the game and one of the best perks in Destiny 2 for both PvE and PvP.

2 Multikill Clip

Kill Clip and Multikill Clip are arguably equal to each other. Kill Clip is better suited for PvP when getting multiple kills quickly is hard to do, but Multikill Clip is amazing in PvE activities.

Overall, in terms of raw perk strength, Multikill Clip beats every other damage perk in the game. This perk grants up to a 50% damage increase when you get 3 rapid kills before reloading. Unlike normal Kill Clip, Multikill Clip can be refreshed by reloading early while the buff is still active. If you can get three kills to start Multikill Clip, getting three more kills in that magazine will be much easier, hence making this perk easier to maintain so long as there are enemies to kill.

1 One-Two Punch

Trench Barrel shook up the meta for most of Forsaken, granting users a massive 50% damage increase for simply punching something. This perk has been nerfed so much that it’s rarely used anymore, however.

One-Two Punch is the inverse of Trench Barrel and better in nearly every way. Instead of granting a damage buff on melee hit, One-Two Punch grants a melee damage buff if every shotgun pellet lands on an enemy. This 3x melee damage buff can stack with exotics like Wormgod Caress and abilities from Subclasses. When combined with other melee buffs, One-Two Punch can instantly kill major targets and some bosses.

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