Destiny 2 Beyond Light: A Complete Guide For Obtaining Salvation’s Grip

As with any major Destiny expansion, Destiny 2: Beyond Light brought with it a set of new Exotic weapons and armor for Guardians to chase. Instead of finding them from Exotic engrams, players will need to complete certain activities and quests to find them.

One new Exotic tied to a quest is Salvation’s Grip, an Exotic Stasis Grenade Launcher that can freeze targets solid in a single shot. Not only is this weapon invaluable at setting up Stasis shatter combos, but it is also needed to obtain your Stasis Subclass Aspects. For those looking to embrace the full power of the Darkness, here is a complete guide to earning Salvation’s Grip in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

8 Complete The Campaign And Speak To Drifter

Before you can start the Salvation’s Grip quest, you must first complete the Beyond Light main campaign. Once you have finished the final story mission, speak to the Exo Stranger to start the post-campaign set of quests.

This will trigger a unique dialogue prompt from the Drifter inside the Tower. Speak to him to obtain the first step of the Salvation’s Grip Exotic quest.

7 Defeat Fallen Captains And Servitors

The Drifter will direct the player to Europa to start gathering intel about the strange Fallen Grenade Launcher. You will have to gather intel by defeating Fallen Captains and Fallen Servitors. These enemies must be slain on Europa for it to count.

Fallen Captains can be found in large numbers in Glimmer Extraction public events on Europa. One Fallen Servitor will always spawn at the room overlooking the lobby in Bray Exoscience that can be farmed by entering and leaving the zone. Considering how small the kill requirement is, this quest step should be easy to complete passively.

6 Complete An Empire Hunt

Completing an Empire Hunt is the next step to earning Salvation’s Grip. Empire Hunts are Beyond Light’s version of Baron Hunts from Forsaken but include some pre-requisite busywork. If you do not have an Empire Hunt currently active, you can purchase one from Variks after completing a quest named “Defeat the Dark Priestess” for 40 Herealways Pieces. Note that completing “Defeat the Dark Priestess” at this stage will complete this quest step, allowing you to save 40 Herealways Pieces.

Most Empire Hunts will require you to obtain a threshold of kills before facing off against patrols of Fallen. Killing enough of them will spawn a miniboss. Defeat this miniboss to unlock the final Empire Hunt confrontation. Slaying this boss will grant a specific Europa weapon based on the boss you killed and complete this step.

5 Kill Enemies With Stasis

This step is rather straightforward. You will need to defeat enemies with, or affected by, your Stasis abilities. Grenades, melee abilities, and your Super all count towards this step. Hit up a few public events and kill as many enemies as you can.

If you want to get this done even faster, launch the Last Wish raid and enter the Shuro Chi checkpoint at the Wall of Wishes. This encounter lets you refill your ability energy with Raid Banners every run and is packed with dozens of Taken Thrall to kill. Completing this step should take no time at all.

4 Meet Spider’s Associate

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Spider has the final piece of information you’ll need to find Salvation’s Grip. He has sent one of his associates to the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa. You will need to complete this Lost Sector and speak to him to complete this step.

If you haven’t already, make sure your Guardian is at least 1,200 Power before attempting this. You can find Concealed Void in the Asterion Abyss. Enter the area, defeat all the Fallen within, then talk to the associate who is sitting beside the Lost Sector chest.

3 Steal Stasis

With enough information gathered, the location of Salvation’s Grip has finally been revealed. Open your Director to start the “Stealing Stasis” mission. This is a rather straightforward mission that will give you the weapon mid-way through the level.

Note that this weapon will drop five Power higher than your current gear maximum, meaning you can intentionally wait to play this mission until your Power weapon needs a boost.

2 Speak With The Drifter

Although you own Salvation’s Grip, the game will still mark the quest incomplete until you talk to the Drifter in the Tower. He will comment on the new piece of tech you have and ask that you swing by Gambit sometime to use your new Stasis gun. Speaking to him will end the quest.

1 Salvation’s Grip Tips

Salvation’s Grip is one of the few utility weapons that exist in Destiny 2. This weapon deals little damage with its grenades, but it is invaluable at freezing opponents or generating Stasis crystals.

Holding the fire button will charge Salvation’s Grip and cause the explosion to generate Stasis Crystals. This can be used to generate cover, platforms, or to freeze more opponents. Similar to Wish-Ender and Dreaming City eggs, Salvation’s Grip is the only weapon that can destroy Entropic Shards that are scattered throughout Europa—Darkness shards that must be destroyed to unlock Stasis Aspects.

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