Destiny 2: Every Possible Way To Obtain Enhancement Cores

Enhancement Cores are an upgrade material in Destiny 2 that are required to Masterwork weapons, armor, and even Ghost Shells. Due to its necessity in making endgame builds, obtaining a large number of these is important if you plan on experimenting with Charged with Light or Warmind Cells.

Fortunately, Enhancement Cores are much more plentiful in the Beyond Light expansion than ever before. Virtually every activity in the game provides Enhancement Cores if you use certain Mods or buffs. From buying them outright to farming certain activities, here is a complete guide on how to obtain Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

How To Obtain Enhancement Cores

Enhancement Core can be earned from a variety of methods in Destiny 2 that range from dismantling gear to playing certain activities. Here is every way you can earn Enhancement Cores as of the Beyond Light expansion:

  1. Dismantling high-Tier gear
  2. Banshee-44 daily bounties
  3. Sold by the Spider
  4. Spider Wanted bounties
  5. Using a Finnest Matterweave
  6. Adept-Hero Nightfalls
  7. Legend or Master-tier Lost Sectors
  8. Elected difficulty Empire Hunts
  9. Resetting your Crucible Valor rank
  10. Equipping the Lesser Core Harvest Mod
  11. Weekly Clan challenge (Rank four banner required)

Dismantling Gear

Any weapon that is at Tier four or above will provide an Enhancement Core when it is dismantled. Higher weapon Tiers will grant more Enhancement Cores upon being dismantled, capping out at seven Enhancement Cores for dismantling a Masterworked weapon.

Armor will return Enhancement Cores at later tiers, starting with one core at Tier seven and granting seven at Tier ten. Dismantled Ghost Shells will provide up to four Enhancement cores based on their Tier.


Various bounties in Destiny 2 grant Enhancement Cores if completed. Both the Spider’s weekly Wanted bounties and Banshee-44’s daily Gunsmith bounties provide Enhancement Cores upon completion. Both types of bounties grant a single Enhancement Core upon completion.

It is best to complete Banshee’s daily bounties instead since they’re easy to do and can be done during normal gameplay. Spider’s weekly Wanted bounties, for comparison, require you to either clear out Lost Sectors or wait for High-Value Targets to spawn in certain patrol zones.

Purchasing Cores From The Spider

Instead of completing the Spider’s weekly bounties, Guardians can instead visit him on the Tangled Shore and purchase them outright for 30 Legendary Shards each. Only five Enhancement Cores may be purchased this way per day. This limit is account-based.

Earning Cores From Activities

Arguably the easiest way of earning Enhancement Cores is to equip a Lesser Core Harvest Mod on your Ghost Shell. Note that this Mod can only be installed on Masterworked Ghosts. These Mods will allow strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible, and Gambit matches to drop Enhancement Cores when you kill bosses or Guardians.

For a more direct method of farming Enhancement Cores, Guardians can choose between completing Adept or Hero-tier Nightfalls, elected difficulty Empire Hunts, Legend or Master-tier Lost Sectors, or by resetting your Valor rank in the Crucible.

Resetting your Valor grants seven Enhancement Cores, which is rather poor when compared to other methods. The weekly Clan challenge also grants seven Enhancement Cores upon completion, although this requires a Rank four Clan banner.

Farming Hero Nightfalls is the best method of farming Enhancement Cores as they have matchmaking, utilize minimal modifiers, and take little time to complete. Just be sure to kill as many Champions in the Nightfall as possible to maximize your rewards.

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