Destiny 2 Exploit Instantly Kills Raid Bosses, But Bungie Won’t Delay

By and large, the rollout of Beyond Light has been fairly smooth. There’s a list of known bugs on the Bungie help forums, but none of them seem to be terrible enough to be game-breaking. But this recently discovered glitch might be big enough to at least delay the implementation of the next World’s First Raid.

The glitch was discovered yesterday by Can Redeem, a high-level team that has won many a World’s First raid. While testing ideas for the next World’s First, they found that if a large group of players spam the new Warlock Stasis super and then hit the boss with the new Salvation’s Grip Exotic grenade launcher, it pretty much destroys any boss almost instantly.

Here you can see some footage of Glad rocking the new Warlock Stasis subclass and spamming Winter’s Wrath along with four other teammates. The sixth Redeem member then shoots Riven with Salvation’s Grip and removes 90% of her health instantly. Riven is usually a long and drawn out boss fight, but this glitch meant it was over in a matter of seconds.

This is a problem for Bungie, which planned to release Deep Stone Crypt on Saturday. As with every new raid entering Destiny 2, Bungie planned to hold a World’s First competition to see which team would be the first to earn a completion of Deep Stone Crypt. The winner receives general acclaim and a special belt sent to their home addresses, along with several in-game items to signify their accomplishment.

Destiny 2 community manager Dylan Gafner, better known as dmg04, tweeted out yesterday afternoon that “there are no plans to delay the Raid” despite the recently discovered glitch. Apparently, there might be some server-side updates that might eliminate the glitch, but we’ll know later this week one way or another.

Bungie noted previously that all World’s First raid completions will be verified by an internal team of data analysts, so it’s possible they might just add this glitch to the list of illegal software “enhancements” that have been a problem for Destiny over the past year. We’ll see what Bungie decides before Deep Stone Crypt drops on November 21.

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