Destiny 2: Expunge – Corrupted Tartarus Guide

The third Expunge mission, Tartarus, has seen a corrupted variant appear in Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer. Like the standard mission, you'll need to utilize the Stabilized Security Access buff to break Vex Cubes scattered throughout the arena. When you've made it far enough into the Vex Network, you'll be able to eliminate Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn.

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Out of every Corrupted Expunge mission, this is arguably the easiest of the bunch. Once you memorize where the cubes spawn, you can clear this mission in six minutes or less, making it a great Expunge mission for farming Corrupted Chests. From cube spawn locations to boss mechanics, here is a complete guide to the Corrupted Tartarus mission in Destiny 2.

Changes From Expunge: Tartarus

Corrupted Tartarus has seen the fewest changes out of all three missions. The mechanics and final boss are the same as the standard Tartarus mission. You can expect the following changes:

  • As with the other two Corrupted variants, Corrupted Tartarus has Taken mines and propulsion goo scattered throughout the level. Be careful.
  • Barrier Hobgoblins have been replaced with Overload Hobgoblins
  • Minotaurs have been replaced with Taken Phalanxes.
  • While in the Nexus, location prompts under your minimap are replaced with taunts from Quria.
  • Taken and Vex enemies are present.

The Vex Cube spawn locations are exactly the same.

Breach The Corrupted Nexus

The path through the Corrupted Nexus is the same as previous Expunge missions. Read our Corrupted Labyrinth guide if you need a refresher on how to navigate through this part.

Find The Corrupted Oppressive Mind

Before you is a long corridor of Vex platforms and Taken traps. Make your way across the corridor until you reach a dead end. They'll be a Vex wall blocking your path. Dispersing the wall will require a certain buff.

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Note: Right as you arrive from the gravity elevator, interact with the green terminal in front of the platform. If you have the Codestrider upgrade on your Splicer Gauntlet, this will enable various gravity lifts and platforms throughout the level, allowing you to skip the first Vex wall entirely.

Stabilized Security Access

Next to every Vex wall will be a pylon that you can hack. When it's hacked, a plate will begin to form. Standing atop the plate will grant stacks of the Stabilized Security Acess buff, allowing you to destroy floating Vex Cubes scattered throughout the nearby area. The buff can stack up to 32 times, and the buff decays at a rate of one stack per second. You can regain stacks by standing on the pylon plate.

Vex Wall #1

There are two cubes tied to this wall. You'll find this wall at the very beginning of the mission. If you have the Codestrider upgrade, you can skip this wall by taking the gravity lift to the left of the wall.

Vex Cube #1

The first cube is floating directly in front of the Vex wall.

Vex Cube #2

Jump to the platform adjacent to the wall. Turn around to find a hidden Vex Cube hiding under the pylon platform.

Vex Wall #2

For the second wall, you'll need to destroy three cubes as you dodge laser grids. Taken propulsion traps are also in this area, so be extremely careful. If you activated the Codestrider terminal near the start, you can stick to the platforms on the far right to avoid getting hit.

Vex Cube #1

This cube can be found directly across from the Vex pylon, floating in front of the Vex wall.

Vex Cube #2

The second cube can be found floating behind a pillar towards the end of the path. You can clearly see it from the right side.

Vex Cube #3

This cube is hiding behind a platform in the ground, located close to the Vex wall.

Vex Wall #3

This section has five cubes, most of which are hiding behind objects. Beware of the laser grids in this section; they move back and forth during this part.

Vex Cube #1

The first cube is floating above every platform about halfway in the area.

Vex Cube #2

Jump to the first set of platforms, then turn right. The Cube will be hiding behind a platform next to the first laser grid.

Vex Cube #3

From Vex Cube #2, turn around. It's hiding behind a platform in the first laser grid's path.

Vex Cube #4

This cube is hiding behind a floating pillar near the Vex wall. Jump to the second to last set of platforms to get a clear view of it.

Vex Cube #5

The last laser grid's spawn location has the last cube. Head close to the Vex wall and turn right to clearly see it.

Vex Wall #4

There are only two Vex Cubes in this section, although they are protected by an immunity cage. Removing the cage will require you to kill the Ravenous Taken Phalanxes guarding them. There are two Phalanxes, one for each cube. There's also an Overload Hobgoblin in this section, so have an Overload weapon at the ready. Be wary of laser grids moving through the arena.

Vex Cube #1

This cube is directly in front of the Vex pylon.

Vex Cube #2

You can find this to the left of Vex Cube #1, hiding in a corner across from the Vex wall exit.

Vex Wall #5

Only one Vex Cube exists for this part. There is an Overload Hobgoblin defending the cube alongside some Taken Goblins. Take them out before pushing forward to break the cube.

Vex Cube #1

This cube can be found floating in front of the Vex wall.

Defeat The Corrupted Oppressive Mind

Dimio, Oppressive Mind Reborn is a Hydra boss that functions exactly the same as its non-corrupted counterpart. While it doesn't have a segmented health bar, the fight is broken up into three stages.

Phase One

Right as you start this fight, you'll become detained. Shoot the dome with your Primary weapon to break free. Dimio will float above a platform at the center of the arena. You'll need to remove about 33% of its health bar to start the next phase. Use your abilities and weapons to lower its HP.

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Don't get close to the Hydra! If the next phase begins and you're under it, a cage will lock you in place and force you to "turn back." Since you're stuck, it'll kill you.

Phase Two

When Dimio loses enough health, it'll become invulnerable. You'll need to destroy two Vex Cubes beside the boss to remove the invulnerability shield. You can grab the Stabilized Security Access buff from the pylon you used to start the fight.

Vex Cube #1

This cube is hiding behind a pillar to the right of the arena. You can see it from the pylon plate.

Vex Cube #2

This cube is on the opposite side of Vex Cube #1, hiding behind the left side pillar. You'll need to reposition to see this one.

When you break both cubes, the boss will become vulnerable again. Remove another 33% of its HP with your weapons and abilities to start the final phase.

Phase Three

Dimio will become immune one more time, requiring you to break the same two Vex Cubes once again. This time, a Taken Phalanx will spawn on each side to cover the cubes in an immunity field. You'll need to kill both Phalanxes to remove the field surrounding the cubes, allowing you to damage them while the Stabilized Security Access buff is active.

When both cubes are destroyed, Dimio will become vulnerable one last time. Give it everything you have. Supers, Heavy weapons, and Special weapons are work wonders against this boss. Once Dimio is destroyed, the mission will end.

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Destroy Quria, Blade Transform to save the Last City.

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