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The seventh and final Expunge mission for Destiny 2's Season of the Splicer has finally been released. Quria, Blade Transform has finally revealed herself, giving Guardians an opportunity to remove the Taken corruption from the Vex Network for good.

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This mission is an amalgamation of all Expunge missions that came before it, both in terms of mechanics and actual encounters. If you haven't played any Expunge mission in a hot minute, consult our Labyrinth, Styx, and Tartarus guides. Bring Overload and Anti-Barrier Rounds for this mission. Raid Banners are also recommended, as you'll be able to rally before you face Quria herself.

Breach The Corrupted Nexus Core

If you've unlocked this mission, there's a good chance you've played the three previous Corrupted Expunge missions. The path through the Corrupted Nexus is the exact same for Delphi. If you need a refresher on how to reach the Expunge mission proper, read our Expunge: Corrupted Labyrinth guide.

Find The Dreaming Mind

Right as you jump through the Nexus portal, you might notice that the area you spawn at looks familiar. That's because you're in the Corrupted Labyrinth, the first Corrupted Expunge mission. You'll spawn about a third of the way into the labyrinth.

Corrupted Labyrinth

Your objective is to reach the other side of the labyrinth, avoiding obstacles and Taken traps in your path. Floating Vex platforms will appear as you jump across the chasm. Taken mines denote their location, so this part should be fairly easy. Reach the other side, then follow the path to your right.

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After fighting a Taken Minotaur and some Goblins, you'll reach a second chasm. Break the floating Vex diamond to spawn a platform. As before, make your way across.

The other side will contain a small group of Taken Psions and a Nexus Guardian. This unique Harpy will drop a Data Cube when slain. Grab the Data Cube, then deposit it to the terminal at the other side of the platforming section. The gravity lift it'll unlock will take you to the next section.

Corrupted Styx

The portal will take you to the boss arena in the Corrupted Styx mission, although the Hydra boss has been replaced with a portal. You'll need to deposit an Authentication Key into a terminal to activate the portal, just like the Styx mission required.

Note: A green terminal will spawn to the left of you. Activate it to enable gravity lifts in this part, speeding up this section.

Outside the boss arena will be a few waves of Vex and Taken. If you can't take the gravity lift on your right, carve a path through the enemies to reach the other side. They shouldn't pose much of a threat.

Before you can obtain the Authentication Key, you'll need to clear two waves of enemies. The first wave has a Barrier Hobgoblin, so be sure you have an Anti-Barrier weapon at the ready. Warmind Cells or Grenade Launchers should make short work of the enemies here.

The second wave will spawn a Nexus Guardian. Destroy it to remove the Vex cage surrounding the key. Break the Vex diamond, then escort the key to the room you just came from. Be sure to destroy the Taken Blight beside the exit, as it blocks the path to the Vex portal room.

Corrupted Tartarus

Before you can face Quria, you'll need to complete one section of the Tartarus mission. You'll spawn towards the end of the Tartarus mission, tasking you with destroying two Vex cubes that are guarded by Ravenous Taken Phalanxes. An Overload Hobgoblin will also be present, although most Heavy weapons can take it out without needing an Overload stun. Eliminate the Phalanxes and Champion, then double back to where you spawned from.

Interact with the Vex pylon beside you to spawn a plate. Standing in the plate will give you a buff that allows you to destroy the Vex cubes. Destroy both of them to proceed.

Vex Cube #1

Found directly in front of spawn.

Vex Cube #2

Positioned to the left of Vex Cube #1, nestled in a corner.

Instead of a second pylon further down the ramp, you'll find a Rally Banner location. We highly recommend you bring a Grenade Launcher and use Breach and Clear. Don't bring a Sword. Warmind Cell mods are also fantastic for the next section.

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When ready, take out the Overload Hobgoblin and its allies to open the portal to the final boss.

Defeat Quria

Quria is a hybrid between a Taken and Vex Hydra, utilizing two sets of rotating shields to protect herself from harm. Defeating her will comprise of three damage phases, each separated by a miniboss section.

Phase One

Two sets of shields will rotate around Quria, one Taken and one Vex. There aren't any good vantage points for avoiding the shields, so you'll need to make each second count. Weapons like Anarchy and Witherhoard are fantastic here, allowing you to passively damage Quria from safety. Sniper Rifles work wonders too.

At the corners of the circular platform surrounding Quria will be waves of Taken Psions. These enemies will multiply if not dealt with, so take them out as soon as you can.

Periodically, red cubes will also spawn at the corners of the arena. If you get near one, it'll spawn an explosive Harpy, detaining you if it makes contact. If you get detained, shoot the dome with your weapon to break free.

Juggle the various adds, wait for an opening to damage Quria, then deal enough damage to remove 33% of her HP. This will start the next phase.

Phase Two

Quria will become immune to all forms of damage at this point. Removing the immunity phase will require you to kill one of two Minotaurs residing at the edges of the arena: Nexus Minotaur and Evaluator of Savathun. It doesn't matter which one you kill. Head to either side to face one of them.

Defeating The Nexus Minotaur/Evaluator Of Savathun

Destroying either Minotaur will require you to remove their immunity shield. Beside each Minotaur will be a Vex diamond you can break, similar to those present in Expunge: Styx. Breaking these diamonds will spawn an Authentication Key. Just like Styx, you must escort the key to a terminal at the other side of the arena—in this case, right beside a gravity lift directly across from you.

Unless you have a fast-moving character, you won't make it to the terminal in one go. You'll need to run through Datacubes scattered around the corners of the arena. Look for an isolated platform at the corner of the arena (either left or right of the key's spawn location) to find a cube. Walk over the cube with a key to spawn a plate, refreshing the key's timer for each second you stand on it. Run to the next corner, refresh the buff, then reach the terminal to deposit the key.

The Minotaur will now be vulnerable. Use your Super, Heavy weapon, Special weapons, or anything that outputs high damage to kill the Minotaur quickly. It'll also be accompanied by various adds, making AoE weapons and Warmind Cells ideal for this part. Destroy the Minotaur to remove Quria's immunity shield.

Phase Two, Continued

Double back to where Quria is. She is now vulnerable to damage. Quria will also have one of her rotating shields removed. Defeating the Evaluator removes the Taken shields, and defeating the Nexus Minotaur removes the Vex shields.

Now that she has fewer rotating shields to protect herself, you'll have a much better damage window during this phase. Once again, Heavy weapons or a high-damage Super is enough to remove 33% of her health. Remember to take out any Psions and explosive Harpies that spawn.

Phase Three

As with the last phase, Quria will become immune to all forms of damage until you defeat the second Minotaur miniboss. Travel to the side of the arena the Minotaur resides at, then repeat the process you used during the last phase to defeat the second Minotaur. They behave the exact same.

Return to Quria when the second Minotaur is slain. She won't have any shields this time, but Quria has one more trick up her sleeve. Quria will begin to create laser grids with her hands, launching them towards your location. She'll create five sets of walls before stopping temporarily. You'll need to jump out of the way of each wall, as each wall deals serious damage.

Pro Tip: The Deletion Exclusion upgrades on your Splicer Gauntlet reduce the damage Quria's walls deal to you. If you're struggling with this part, consider purchasing these upgrades.

In addition to the walls, there will be two Hobgoblins sniping above Quria's location. Destroy them if they become a problem.

Every enemy will despawn once Quria's dead, so focus all of your attention on removing the last 33% of her HP. Supers, Heavy weapons, and your abilities should be enough to destroy her for good.

Once Quria is slain, the mission will end. You'll find the reward chest just in front of where Quria was stationed.

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