Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2021: Everything We Know So Far

Last year, during the Season of the Worthy, Bungie introduced a brand-new event in Destiny 2 called Guardian Games. This event featured new armor sets for each class, Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, along with new cosmetics that players could unlock by completing challenges during the event or from the in-game Eververse store.

The main purpose of this event is a competition between every class in Destiny 2. Last year, the whole event revolved around completing bounties which was not something the community enjoyed very much. Shortly after the event went live, there were a lot of angry threads on the Destiny subreddit calling it a ‘bounty simulator’.

With Season of the Chosen’s roadmap, Bungie revealed that the Guardian Games event will return in Destiny 2 this year with new armor sets. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

Guardian Games 2021: Start Date and End Date

According to the official roadmap for Season of the Chosen, Guardian Games 2021 will begin later this month on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, and will run for the next nineteen days ending on Sunday, May 9, 2021.

The seasonal calendar also suggests that there will be a Guardian Games closing ceremony that will take place from May 7 to May 9.

Guardian Games 2021: New Armor Sets

Last month, with a new update in Destiny 2, Bungie added new armor sets for Guardian Games 2021 into Destiny 2’s API that were datamined shortly after.

These new armor sets seem to be themed after Power Rangers. Take a look at the images below:

Along with these armor sets, there were also Water Bottle and Tennis Ball ghost shells datamined, which you can see below:

Furthermore, it looks like Bungie will be releasing a new jacket for Guardian Games 2021 (thanks to raid secrets) that players will be able to purchase from the Bungie Store website.

Note: These are datamined images, no official confirmation of these rewards is available at this time.

Heir Apparent Returns

Last year, Bungie introduced a new exotic machinegun called Heir Apparent, along with its exotic catalyst which was never added into the game. However, with Guardian Games 2021, Bungie is finally adding the exotic catalyst for Heir Apparent machine gun. You can check out the new exotic catalyst perk below:

  • Legion’s Bulwark: Increases the Arc Shield’s durability and partially reloads the magazine if it is destroyed.

In order to fully masterwork Heir Apparent exotic machinegun, players will need to defeat 700 enemies with this weapon.

Strike Specific Playlist

Apart from that, we know that, unlike last year’s event, Bungie has made some sound changes to this year’s Guardian Games event. This means that players will not be farming bounties endlessly. Instead, there will be a class-specific strike playlist for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans available this time around.

That’s pretty much everything we know about Guardian Games 2021 so far. We are expecting an official announcement for this event very soon.

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