Destiny 2: How To Increase Your Gambit Infamy Rank

Destiny 2 has three core activities for Guardians to partake in: strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. Both Crucible and Gambit have a rank-up progression that grants increased rewards, Gambit being Infamy ranks. Should you increase your Infamy rank, you will receive additional rewards.

Resetting your Infamy rank is needed for the Dredgen title and to obtain certain curated Gambit weapons. Needless to say, Infamy ranks are a crucial aspect of Gambit’s progression system that all Guardians should understand. This guide will go over everything about Infamy ranks, including their Infamy point requirements and the best ways to maximize Infamy grinding. This article is up to date as of the Beyond Light expansion.

Gambit Infamy Ranks

Before you start farming for Infamy ranks, it’s important to understand the requirements tied to each rank. Similar to Valor Crucible playlists, Infamy increases with every game of Gambit, win or loss. Wins grant more Infamy and a win streak bonus. Maintain the win streak for large returns.

Unlike Crucible, Infamy takes an eternity to level up. The numbers tied to each rank are much larger than what you’ll find in the Crucible, hence why resetting your Infamy comes with additional rewards (explained below).

Here’s every Infamy rank in Gambit:

  • Guardian I: 0 to earn; 250 to rank up
  • Guardian II: 250 to earn; 350 to rank up
  • Guardian III: 600 to earn; 400 to rank up
  • Brave I: 1,000 to earn; 450 to rank up
  • Brave II: 1,450 to earn; 500 to rank up
  • Brave III: 1,950 to earn; 550 to rank up
  • Heroic I: 2,500 to earn; 6000 to rank up
  • Heroic II: 3,100 to earn; 650 to rank up
  • Heroic III: 3,750 to earn; 750 to rank up
  • Fabled I: 4,500 to earn; 850 to rank up
  • Fabled II: 5,350 to earn; 1,000 to rank up
  • Fabled III: 6,350 to earn; 1,150 to rank up
  • Mythic I 7,500 to earn; 1,300 to rank up
  • Mythic II: 8,800 to earn; 1,500 to rank up
  • Mythic III: 10,300 to earn; 1,700 to rank up
  • Legend: 12,000 to earn; 3,000 to rank up
  • Max Rank: 15,000 to earn; reset is available

Infamy Rank Rewards

When you reach 15,000 Infamy points in Gambit, you are given the option to reset your rank back to Guardian I. The Drifter will sell unique items based on your reset rank, giving you a strong incentive to repeat this grind multiple times. Some Infamy ranks also provide guaranteed rewards.

The Drifter’s rewards change from season to season, although these rewards seem to be static:

  • Fabled III: Bygones Pulse Rifle (Kill Clip + Full Auto Trigger System, sunset)
  • First Infamy Reset: Trust Hand Cannon (Genesis + Explosive Payload, sunset)
  • Second Infamy Reset: Bad Omens Rocket Launcher (Tracking Module + Cluster Bombs)
  • Third Infamy Reset: Furtive Ghost Shell and the Ludomaniacal Emblem

Note that both Trust and Bad Omens come pre-Masterworked. Since Trust is currently sunset, it’s a good idea to dismantle it for seven Enhancement Cores.

How To Earn Infamy

Earning Gambit Infamy is rather simple: play Gambit. Every Gambit game grants Infamy, win or loss. In theory, you can earn 15,000 Infamy just by losing Gambit matches, but this will take almost a whole season of play to achieve. With a few strategies, you can drastically speed up your Infamy gains.

Complete Bounties

While weekly bounties are going away with the release of Season of the Chosen, daily and repeatable bounties are sticking around. Drifter’s daily bounties each grant +30 Infamy rank to your account alongside XP and Glimmer. Since there are four daily bounties, that’s +120 Infamy per character per day. Completing all of these bounties on all of your characters daily can rack up a serious amount of bonus Infamy.

Earn Win Streaks

The greatest boon to earning increased Infamy is winning games consecutively. Whenever you win a Gambit match, you start a win streak. This win streak can go up to five consecutive wins, increasing the amount of Infamy you earn with every game. Losing a game will reduce your win streak by one.

If you can maintain this win streak across multiple games, you will earn 100 additional Infamy with every Gambit match you win. In other words, this will nearly double your progression across every Infamy rank. To increase your chances of winning, create a fireteam with three other Guardians before you start any Gambit matches.

If you’re interested in the numbers, here’s the increased Infamy you receive from each win streak bonus. These numbers are static and do no change based on your current Infamy rank.

  • Win One: Standard Infamy returns.
  • Win Two: +50 Infamy
  • Win Three: +75 Infamy
  • Win Four: +90 Infamy
  • Win Five+: +100 Infamy

For reference, most wins grant anywhere from 100 to 150 Infamy, based on your Infamy rank. A win streak of five grants nearly twice as much Infamy, drastically accelerating your progression.

Play Gambit During Double/Triple Infamy Weeks

Certain weeks throughout a Destiny 2 season will grant increased Infamy from all sources, Gambit or bounties. These weeks grant either double or triple Infamy returns, which make these periods the perfect time to grind out your Infamy rank. Keep in mind that these Infamy weeks are not on any content roadmap, so you’ll need to keep your eyes open for the “Next Week in Destiny” post whenever you log in. If a double or triple Infamy week is active, you’ll receive a message when you enter orbit stating that Infamy gains have been increased.

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