Destiny 2 Players Furious Over Reissuing Of Sunset Guns

People still hate sunsetting in Destiny 2, the mechanic that prevents old weapons and armor from being infused up to a new power level. This prevents those weapons and armors from being used in new content, effectively phasing them out in favor of new items with a higher cap. The intent was to wash away Destiny 2’s old loot so that players had a reason to grind out new stuff to play with.

Unfortunately, sunsetting has been bungled from the start. While the vast majority of Destiny 2’s loot was removed thanks to sunsetting, only a fraction of that loot was replaced with the arrival of Beyond Light. Worse, weapons and armor available in Forsaken and Shadowkeep–two expansions that players still have to pay real money for–are already sunset, meaning there is almost no reason for new players to purchase older expansions.

And now that Bungie has revealed that they’re going to bring back Moon and Dreaming City weapons and armor in Season 13, players are in an uproar. Both destinations had their loot pools all sunset with the arrival of the current season, and players aren’t happy to be told they can re-grind their beloved guns so soon after having them taken away.

Redditor Techman- details the “pain points” in an extensive post on the Destiny 2 subreddit. Chief among them is the fact that re-grinding stuff that players recently retired “invalidates grind-time already invested.” In other words, it sucks to spend dozens or sometimes hundreds of hours grinding out the perfect set of gear only to have all that effort be for nothing.

Worse, it provides incentive for players to NOT grind so hard in the future because they know whatever weapon or armor they get will come with an expiration date.

With the specific loot set to return in the Pit of Heresy and Shattered Throne dungeons in Season 13, many players are upset that not ALL weapons are returning. Many favorite guns from the Lectern of Enchantment are still sunset, meaning there’s no way to target the loot that you want to acquire. It’s all just luck of the draw.

Another Redditor also points out that one of Bungie’s arguments for sunsetting was to be able to replace top-tier ritual weapons with something better. So far, nothing has come in Beyond Light that replaces Recluse of Mountaintop, although we know that Season 13 will bring six new ritual weapons and three reprised Nightfall rewards from Destiny 1.

There are three weeks left before another season’s worth of gear is sunset. Hopefully, Bungie will listen to their players and make some quick adjustments to sunsetting before it’s too late.

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