Destiny 2 update: Pinnacle Gear patch time, incoming hotfix for Pinnacle Gear

One of the biggest changes coming to Destiny 2 this week didn't actually come from the Weekly Reset that occurred on Tuesday, but instead it's coming from a new hotfix that will be applied later today.

The new hotfix “contains some quality-of-life fixes for the sandbox and Season Pass weapon acquisition”, notes the developer.

One of the more major changes will affect how you level up after Power Level 950 – taking aim squarely at the slow-burn pursuit of pinnacle Power.

It's basically going to mean you're in with a better chance of getting the gear you need in the rewards, rather than just repeating things you've already got in slots you've already powered up.

There’s more to be revealed, but the biggest change will be in the Power of weapon drops. They’ll increase to +2, instead of +1 – making the grind more player-friendly.

The hotfix will be applied to the game at the same time the Daily Resets take place – namely 5pm, UK time.

Don't cash in any of your rewards until then, and don't complete any Pinnacle activities – this includes Iron Banner bounties. Just wait until the hotfix is live, then go nuts – you'll likely get more powerful gear than you were expecting.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more about the specifics of this update.

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