Destiny 2’s Next Raid Arrives Just Eleven Days After Beyond Light

It’s almost time for another World First race in Destiny 2. With the coming of Beyond Light brings a brand new raid to Bungie’s looter shooter, and that means it’s time to host another race to see which 6-person fireteam will be the first to solve what has historically been the hardest content available in Destiny.

As in previous World First raids, Bungie will host a 24-hour competition. The first team to defeat the new raid will get an award ceremony and a special title belt confirming that they’re the first people in the world to beat the new raid that arrives shortly after Beyond Light hits servers in November.

To be specific, the new raid arrives on November 21, 10 AM PST. That’s a Saturday, so hopefully not too many people will have to call in sick for work that it’ll cause some sort of national labor shortage or anything.

Bungie also dropped a few rules for the World First raid. Everything will take place in Contest Mode which will keep all players at 20 Power below the current power level of each encounter. That’s a similar rule that was enacted back in 2019 with the Crown of Sorrow raid in order to keep everything fair and extremely challenging. Artifact power will be disabled during the World First competition, and 1230 will be the hard Power Cap for all encounters.

Since the Power Cap only increases when Beyond Light arrives on November 10, that just leaves eleven days for players to grind out 160 levels.

While the first team to complete the raid gets a fancy title belt and official recognition from Bungie, everyone who completes the raid in the first 24 hours will get a special emblem to mark their achievement. For everyone who prefers to take their time with raiding, you can expect the usual rewards of an exclusive emblem along with raid-specific weapons and armor.

Bungie noted that this year they’re going to ensure that the finishing team didn’t cheat by examining their run, so expect the official World First announcement to arrive a few days later than the Garden of Salvation run in Shadowkeep.

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