Destiny 2’s Next Raid Will Start On A Friday So Bungie Doesn’t Have To Work On A Saturday

Bungie has announced the date of Destiny 2’s next World First Raid competition. The raid goes live on August 26 at 10 AM. As many of you with calendars may have already noted, that’s a Friday rather than the usual Saturday that World First Raid competitions have historically been held.

Destiny 2 fans have expressed dismay at being required to book a day off work in order to take part in the World First Raid competition, especially with the raid expected to be a fan favorite from Destiny 1. Community manager Liana "Hippy" Ruppert explained on Twitter that the reason for this change is largely so Bungie could have additional resources available should any technical issues crop up on World First Raid day.

"Remember how broken Vow was when it dropped?" Hippy reminded one Twitter user while also noting Bungie devs typically work Monday through Friday. "This way, if something like that happens, we can have all hands on deck without burning out our teams."

When Vow of the Disciple dropped during Season 16, the World First Raid was marred by connectivity issues largely due to a new seasonal mod called Volatile Rounds. The mod caused a lot of explosions, and Destiny 2’s servers just couldn’t keep up with the raw data so many bombs were causing.

As noted in yesterday’s TWAB, things will be a little different for this World’s First Raid. Because many veterans will already be intimately familiar with this returning Destiny 1 raid, the rules will be similar to the Vault of Glass World First. Players will first need to clear the raid on Contest Mode before tackling it again on Challenge Mode. Fireteams will need to complete all Triumphs on Challenge Mode–including the secret Triumph–in order to be crowned World First winners.

Teams will wipe in Challenge Mode if the Triumph requirements aren’t met, so be sure to read up before attempting each encounter.

Elsewhere in yesterday's TWAB, Bungie revealed plans to bring skill-based matchmaking to Crucible's Control mode starting with next season, with the possibility that more refinements will come to other game modes later on. Season 18 starts on August 23 alongside the Destiny 2 Showcase that will hopefully give us our first look at the coming expansion, Lightfall.

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