Destruction AllStars Is Adding A Photo Mode, Season 1 Coming Very Soon

Destruction AllStars will be joining the rest of the PlayStation exclusive crew when it adds a photo mode as part of Season 1, “very soon”.

The announcement came as part of a “Road to Season 1” update post on the game’s subreddit. The post details some of the changes coming in Season 1 that have previously been announced, but the announcement and showing of a photo mode is new information.

As far as the photo mode goes, it seems very similar to what we’ve seen in other first-party PlayStation titles. A video of a developer’s build of the photo mode was attached to the post and shows that you can freeze the action on the fly, and add stickers and frames to make the perfect shot.

At the end of the summary for the post, Lucid Games promises that the update and season will be coming up, “very soon”, and it seems like this photo mode will be included as part of the update bringing the first season in. When the first season was announced, it was given a tentative release date of April, so it has either been delayed until May or will manage to come out in the next week or so.

The rest of the Reddit post details some of the other things coming to Season 1 of Destruction AllStars. The first new hero coming to the game will be detailed next week, but it has been confirmed that they have their own story mode from the start.

Blitz, Destruction AllStars’ take on a competitive mode, is also detailed in the post. When it’s introduced to the game, it will be a part of the normal roster of modes to see how players take to it, but the goal of it is to eventually become the competitive mode. This post reveals that it will be introduced slightly later into Season 1 than the rest of the content.

Finally, the post details balancing changes that will be coming to the game through the update, as well as talking about a free battle pass coming to the game alongside the paid version that was previously announced.

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