Deus Ex: Human Revolution Mod Adds Screen Space Reflections, Detailed Shadows, More

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is nearly ten-years-old, but that doesn’t stop the updates from coming from fans like Boris Vorontsov with his ENBSeries mods adding support for new detailed shadows, ambient occlusion, and screen-space reflections. Vorontsov has a long history of making games look their best, as he’s also released mod support for Grand Theft Auto 5, Skyrim, and Mass Effect.

Eidos Montreal hasn’t touched the Director’s Cut of Human Revolution since 2013, but there’s always been a small following of modders offering support for things like bug fixes, difficulty challenges, and graphic improvements. While Deus Ex: Human Revolution has always been a gorgeous game, especially considering its age, Vorontsov’s mod adds layers of detail that may feel missing when compared to its modern counterparts.

Available to backers via Vorontsov’s patreon, you can now experience the Director’s Cut of Human Revolution with a long list of much-needed improvements. No more bizarre shadowless objects, and even just the small lighting tweeks visible in the previews are a massive improvement. You also don’t quite realize how bad we needed those reflections until they’re there.

From the sound of it, the ENBSeries upgrades are an easy refresh for the game at just the cost of a few bucks. Deus Ex made our list as one of the best sci-fi games ever, and for good reason. It elevated the immersive sim, and provided innovation where similar titles felt stale. Even if the series itself is in a bit of trouble, it’s great to see someone revisited an old, beloved entry and give it some love.

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