Devil May Cry 3’s Switch Port Will Feature Local Co-op For The Bloody Palace

Capcom is really going above and beyond with porting Devil May Cry 3 to the Switch. In addition to all of the cool gameplay alterations confirmed for this new port, Capcom revealed today that local co-op support the “The Bloody Palace” will be included with DMC3’s Switch debut. Players will be able to tackle the basically endless arena as both Dante and Vergil, helping each other look stylish while doing so.

In a post on Twitter, Capcom’s Matt Walker confirmed the news and gave a quick breakdown of how the option will work. Walker likens it to Dante’s “Doppelganger” style, just with players being able to have total independence from one other. The mode will be unlocked after completing the first mission in the main story, so veterans won’t need to wait to try this out. There will also be support for split Joy-Con play and various other controller options on the Switch, so basically, anyone can test it out.

The first footage of this mode in action will be unveiled tomorrow during a Livestream event. Capcom will have a bunch of staff present to go over the full details of this new addition. In all honesty, this has quickly become the definitive port of Devil May Cry 3.

When Capcom began porting Devil May Cry to the Switch, it was initially odd that everything wasn’t included in one package. Apart from the awkward Switch tax driving prices up, many didn’t anticipate that these games would receive new features. While the first two entries don’t feature any additional content, the wait for 3 has certainly been fruitful.

What remains to be seen is if Capcom will eventually port this improved version of 3 back to other consoles. The HD Collection is already available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it is just a port of the prior release on PS3 and Xbox 360. It even has some weird issue on PC where running it with an uncapped framerate can double or triple the in-game speed.

It is always possible that Capcom may remake Devil May Cry in a similar vein to what it is currently doing with Resident Evil. Many were fond of last year’s Devil May Cry 5 and how it felt like a blend of 4’s solid combat with 3’s flashy sensibilities. What if we just got 3 on that engine?

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