Diablo Immortal Alpha Test Planned For This Year

An alpha test for Diablo Immortal is planned for later this year, Activision has announced. The publisher discussed the topic during its latest investors call, shedding more light on how the mobile Diablo game is shaping up.

While Diablo Immortal is still without a release date, Activision says the title is making good progress. An updated version of the game was on display at BlizzCon 2019, and the company has begun doing additional internal playtests that have had “encouraging” results.

As part of the next phase of development, Blizzard will hold regional alpha tests for Diablo Immortal later this year. The purpose of these tests, Activision says, is to receive “invaluable” feedback from players about the game. No further information about the alpha tests was announced, but they’re slated to happen sometime in mid-2020.

Activision says Blizzard is working closely with NetEase to deliver a deep and “authentic” Diablo experience for mobile with Immortal. While Blizzard remains committed to PC given its roots in the platform, Activision says mobile presents a “very substantial” opportunity for the developer, and it is currently working on multiple mobile initiatives in addition to PC and console games.

Diablo Immortal was first announced during the opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2018, although many fans were upset over the reveal as Blizzard had nothing to announce regarding what was next for the mainline series. The studio would then reveal Diablo IV–the next proper installment in the franchise–the following year, although its release date is still far off.

In other Diablo news, Rod Fergusson, head of Gears of War developer The Coalition, recently announced he is joining Blizzard. Fergusson confirmed he is joining the studio in March and will oversee the Diablo franchise.

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