Dinkum: How To Get More Stores

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  • Make John A Permanent Resident
  • Pay Off Debt
  • Recruit At The Visitor's Site

Exploring the islands and talking to wild dogs is fun and all, but some human interaction would be nice. You'll have to work hard to grow a town from nothing in Dinkum. Building houses is not even the first step. It's friendships. John is the first NPC you'll meet in the game. Fletch will give you your first big project, convincing him to permanently stay on the island.

After John, you'll be wanting more. If not for companionship, then for all the useful stores you're missing out on. Visitors periodically show up in the visitor's tent near your dock. This tent is your ticket to a bustling village. Rayne sells all things garden and Theodore is Animal Crossing's Blathers to your Dinkum. There are some steps you need to take to be able to expand your town and get all the stores available. Here's how.

There are up to 16 NPCs you can have moved in.

Make John A Permanent Resident

You'll have to complete John moving in. To do this, you have to spend a good amount of Dinks at his shop and do measly tasks for him. There is no specified amount of Dinks that need to be paid, so just make sure to buy what you can. It's good to stock up anyway. At this point in the game, you'll need all he has to offer as you'll have nothing just yet.

To complete side tasks for NPCs, you must talk to them and ask to have a little chat. You then ask them if there's anything they need. This will prompt a side task that will be recorded in your journal in case you forget. All side quests must be completed within the same day or they get canceled. If you've been building up hearts with an NPC and are not able to complete a side task for them, their friendship level may decrease.

Pay Off Debt

Once John agrees to move in, you'll be able to place his shop anywhere. This isn't the end of your work, though. With John's Goods becoming a real shop, debt builds up. Much like in Animal Crossing, you'll have to pay off the debt of moving John in before you can think about inviting other NPCs. To put it more clearly, you cannot get more villagers until you've paid off the debt for moving John in.

This requires lots of grinding for Dinks. There are lots of things you can do to earn money. You can spend the day catching insects or fish. Try selling absolutely anything you can. You'll be able to do side tasks for John and Fletch in the meantime. Doing so will reward you with Dinks or objects that may be worth selling like furniture or clothing.

Some valuable but rare items that sell for over 15,000 Dinks are opal gemstones and beehives. Opal gemstones are inside Thunder Eggs and beehives are sometimes a random drop from chopping down trees. These can be weighed at John's shop to calculate a price.

Recruit At The Visitor's Site

Once you've paid off the debt, you can work towards recruiting more villagers. Wait for a visitor at the visitors' tent. It will be hard to recruit any NPC on the first day of meeting them as you need to build a relationship with them and purchase from their store often. Every time anyone is visiting, make sure to complete a side task for them and purchase what you can to increase the odds of them moving in. Once they're ready, they will bring it up when you talk to them.

From there, it's a rinse and repeat. For example, speak to Fletch about deeds, place the store, and pay off the debt so that you can work towards another store.

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