Dinkum: Where To Find Opals

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There are many useful materials you can find in Dinkum. Some are used to craft extravagant gear while others are meant to be sold for thousands of in-game currency. Opal is a blue, shiny gem in the game that you can sell to John at John's Goods for 15,000 Dinks each.

Money is a valuable thing. You need a lot to purchase licenses and tools. That's why farming opal gemstones is a great way to make a good chunk of Dinks. These gemstones can be hard to find b there are multiple ways to get them. Below is a detailed guide on how to find opal and what to do once you've found some.

Wait For Rainy Weather

Opal gemstones are cradled within a special rock-like structure called a Thunder Egg. This Thunder Egg only spawns after a big thunderstorm in the game. A normal rainy day won't suffice. You must wait until it's raining cats and dogs and thunder and lighting strike above you. The next day, you will be able to find a Thunder Egg somewhere on your island.

Thunder Eggs make an electrical noise, much like the repairable telecommunications tour near your beach. Listen closely for this noise as you walk around looking for the egg. It looks like an egg-shaped rock and will be buzzing with electricity.

Find The Thunder Egg

There are two things you can do once you've found the Thunder Egg. You can either crack it open with your axe, revealing the precious opal gemstones inside, or you can take the whole egg to John's Goods and sell it. There are four opal gemstones inside a Thunder Egg.

Sell The Egg To John

Alternatively, bring the entire egg to John's Goods to be weighed. You can only weigh Thunder Eggs inside John's upgraded shop. While he is still in the visitor's tent, there is no weighing system. Inside his upgraded shop, to the right, is where you can weigh the egg.

Weighing the egg will determine how much it will sell for. Whole Thunder Eggs will spawn with different weights each time. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to sell the entire egg for over 100k Dinks. If it is lower in weight, it may be better to crack it open and sell the opal gemstones instead.

Where To Find Opals

Searching for Thunder Eggs will be your primary source of opal in the early game. Once you've accessed the mines and acquired yourself a mining pass from John's Goods, you'll be able to rely on them instead.

You can't mine for opal like you can iron or copper, but there will be secret doors and treasure chests within the mines that require Old Keys to unlock. The treasure you can find range from rare gemstones to expensive equipment. Sometimes you can find opal gemstones here.

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