Disco Elysium’s Car Bug Is Preventing Players From Progressing On PS4 And PS5

Za/um Studio has confirmed patch 1.2 is just around the corner for Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, but some of the pending bug fixes are causing more problems than others. Players on both PS4 and PS5 are running into a frustrating bug involving the detective’s car, and it’s keeping them from progressing with a key item.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut just launched at the end of March, and folks are already encountering some serious hiccups hurting the experience. Just after day three, once you make it to the coast, you’ll find the detective’s car. You’re supposed to be able to examine it once the tide comes in, but it’s missing textures. Instead, once you attempt to look it over, you’re just prompted to wait again – resulting in a loop that wastes time. Not such a great look for a game that’s pitting you against the clock.

The bug prevents you from snagging a key item you’ll need to wrap up one of the main stories, and folks are frustrated. Both Twitter and the Disco Elysium subreddit are seeing posts from users asking what gives, and if this bug will be one addressed in the upcoming patch.

The bug is a major pain, but a couple of crafty Redditors have figured out how to sweet talk Disco Elysium into cooperating with you. It sounds like if you meet a few oddly specific requirements , you can resolve The Pigs error in a few steps. Redditor ger_pinkman noted they fixed the issue by starting with full health and not letting go of the left stick to continue running – even during the cutscene.

It sounds like the fix worked for a few players already, but unfortunately, Disco Elysium’s console version is still plagued with other problems. There’s a running list over on Reddit, full of minor things like audio hiccups and uglier errors like corrupt save files.

Patch 1.2 isn’t live yet, but a tweet from Za/um Studio notes that fixes for interactables is in the works, which sounds like what the error here may fall under. So if you’re left a bit frustrated from your recent Disco Elysium experience – don’t give up just yet.

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