Discord Is Coming To Xbox

Discord is making the jump to Xbox, and this time you won’t need to go through the Edge browser. Both Microsoft and Discord have just announced the ability to transfer voice calls from Discord to the Xbox voice app, letting Xbox and PC players chat and play together.

The rollout starts today with Xbox Insiders and will hit everyone with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles soon. While playing on console, a new overlay will show people in chat, allow players to adjust their volume, and even swap between Discord voice and Xbox game chat.

To get started, users will first need to link their Discord and Xbox accounts. If you’ve already previously linked these accounts, you’ll have to do it again to account for the new permissions required. On Xbox, you can press the Xbox button to open your guide, then select Parties & Chats and then Try Discord Voice on Xbox. You’ll get a QR code that will let you connect the two accounts.

You can also connect things on Discord too. From Discord, go to User Settings, then Connections on Desktop, Web, or Mobile, and then click the Xbox logo. Follow the prompts to connect your Discord and Xbox accounts. Once linked, Discord will show your gamertag, current game, and how long you’ve been playing in your user profile.

And now to the voice chat part. For this, you’ll need to have the Xbox mobile app on your phone. First using Discord, connect to a channel on either Mobile or Desktop. Then, you should see a new option to transfer the call to your Xbox. Hit transfer, select confirm, and then start chatting through your Xbox-connected headset.

As mentioned before, Discord’s rollout on Xbox will first come to Xbox Insiders, with everyone else getting to enjoy this cross platform chatting later. You can sign up to be an Xbox Insider here.

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