Disney Dreamlight Valley: Everything You Need To Know About The Pixar Fest Star Path

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It's time to complete the Star Path and enjoy the cosmetic items it offers. The first event of Disney Dreamlight Valley is here and you shouldn't miss the opportunity to participate and earn limited-time exclusive items in the Pixaer Fest Star Path.

There will be other Star Paths in the future, and it works very much like a Battle Pass. You can unlock free cosmetics and progress through the pages by playing the game and completing certain tasks. We'll explain everything you need to know down below in this guide.

Pixar Fest Star Path

Pixar Fest Star Path will be available until October 11 at 9 AM ET, so if you want to try and complete, it's best to start as early as you can.

To level up the Star Path, you have to complete certain duties listed in the event tab – these are normal day-to-day tasks that you'll get done as you play, just like Dreamlight duties -, for each duty that you finish, you'll receive a certain amount of tokens.

Tokens can then be exchanged for in-game rewards such as furniture, outfits, companions, or motifs. You can also buy tokens, with ten tokens costing 200 Moonstones.

Standard Vs Premium

You can either play the standard version of the path, or you can spend some Moonstones and unlock the premium path. Since we're still in early access most players will have gotten 8,000 Moonstones for free and should be able to unlock the premium Star Path without any trouble.

You can trade 2,500 Moonstones for a premium membership, or you can spend 4,100 Moonstones and get premium plus 100 tokens to unlock more cosmetic items straight away. Premium gives you access to more rewards as well as more duties at once – which will allow you to earn even more tokens.


These are all the available rewards in the Pixar Fest Star Path event and whether they can be unlocked for free or through the premium path only.

Star Path pageStandard rewardsPremium rewards
  • Incredibles motif
  • 100 Moonstones
  • Papel Picados
  • XL-15 Spaceship Model
  • Grape Soda motif
  • IncrediSquirrel
  • Coco Guitar motif
  • Up! house motif
  • SR motif
  • Low-Boot Incredibles Suit
  • Burro Piñata
  • 95 McQueen motif
  • 200 Moonstones
  • Coco banner motif
  • 400 Moonstones
  • "Live the Music" Shirt
  • Edna motif
  • Lightning McQueen motif
  • Mr. Incredible Retro Suit Display
  • Jack-Jack motif
  • Fredricksen Fireplace
  • Piston Cup
  • Elasticycle
  • High-Boot Incredibles Suit
  • 500 Moonstones
  • Pixar Fest 2022 Shirt
  • Miguel motif
  • Piston Cup motif
  • Lightning McQueen Racing Jacket
  • McQueen Racing Bed
  • 800 Moonstones
  • 175 Moonstones

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