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A new Star Path is here just in time for the holidays! The Villains' Star Path is officially over and it's now time to get cozy and celebrate this festive season in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In the latest update, tons of new content was added to the game.

Toy Story characters have joined the roster of Valley characters, and there are new friendship quests for some of the others already inhabiting the Valley. Make them feel right at home when they arrive by decorating your Valley with heartwarming festive decor that you'll receive for completing the new Festive Star Path.

Festive Star Path

The Festive Star Path will be available until January 26, 2023. You have until this date to get through as many tasks as you can to earn tokens and unlock cosmetic items for your Valley. Then, the Festive Star Path will become inaccessible and be replaced with something new.

With this Star Path, a new feature was added for you to further customize your Valley. As of now, there are two Dreamlight Styles in the game; they are essentially character skins that you can put and remove from your best friends in the valley. There are only two styles in the game for now, and you can only earn them by getting the path.

Standard Vs Premium

The Standard Star Path costs 2,500 moonstones, and the Premium Star Path costs 3,300 moonstones. It's possible to finish the entire path only by unlocking the standard version, but getting premium definitely makes it easier — it's all up to how much you play the game.

The Premium Star Path comes with 100 tokens right from the get-go, meaning you can unlock a few rewards right away. On top of that, you'll always have six active duties instead of three, so you will always be simultaneously making progress in more duties rather than having to wait to complete some to clear up space to receive more.

You can't unlock all the rewards in the Star Path with only the Standard version of the path. There are seven rewards per page, and four of them require the Premium version in order to be unlocked.


This time around, the Star Path has more Moonstone rewards compared to before. In total, you can receive 2,250 Moonstones for completing the Premium Star Path.

However, the amount of Moonstones you receive still isn't enough to cover the costs that you spent on it. So, it's best to reach all the path's pages and get as many Moonstones as possible to make sure you get enough to purchase the new Star Path.

If you're low on Moonstones, check out the chests that spawn in the Valley every day; some of them will give you Moonstones and, even if it's not a hefty amount, it's still an appreciated help.

Star Path Page

Standard Star Path Rewards and Price

Premium Star Path Rewards and Price


  • 100 Moonstones (10 tokens)
  • Snowflakes Make Up (15 tokens)
  • Festive Holiday Dress (40 tokens)
  • Gingerbread Mickey Motif (10 tokens)
  • Festive Wreath Post (30 tokens)
  • Stitch Motif (10 tokens)
  • Festive Fox Companion (50 tokens)


  • Festive Eve Motif (10 tokens)
  • Festive Dr. Jumba Jookiba Motif (10 tokens)
  • Big Pile of Gifts (20 tokens)
  • 150 Moonstones (15 tokens)
  • Grand Tree of Holiday Cheer (35 tokens)
  • Hot Cocoa Stand (35 tokens)
  • Wreath Motif (10 tokens)


  • 150 Moonstones (15 tokens)
  • Festive Pluto Motif (10 tokens)
  • Festive Holiday Suit (30 tokens)
  • 150 Moonstones (15 tokens)
  • Ice Mask (15 tokens)
  • Festive Garland (30 tokens)
  • Festive Dinner Table (30 tokens)


  • Holiday Trees Motif (10 tokens)
  • Holiday Mickey Motif (10 tokens)
  • Cozy Festive Hearth (30 tokens)
  • 400 Moonstones (40 tokens)
  • Snowflake Motif (10 tokens)
  • Wintery Mickey Round (30 tokens)
  • Festive Windows (30 tokens)


  • 400 Moonstones (40 tokens)
  • Goat Motif (10 tokens)
  • Festive Holiday Vest (40 tokens)
  • Snowflake Motif (10 tokens)
  • Holiday Tree Motif (10 tokens)
  • Santa's Gift-Laden Sleigh (30 tokens)
  • Festive Merlin Dreamlight Style (50 tokens)


  • Candy Cane Motif (10 tokens)
  • Hot Cocoa Motif (10 tokens)
  • Merry Mickey Dreamlight Style (50 tokens)
  • 710 Moonstones (70 tokens)
  • Snowman Motif (10 tokens)
  • Candy Cane Staff (30 tokens)
  • Festive Reindeer Headband (30 tokens)


  • N/A
  • 90 Moonstones (10 tokens)

If you don't have time to complete as many duties as you'd like to purchase the entire Star Path, you can also buy tokens to unlock items. Each ten tokens can be bought for 100 Moonstones. B

e sure to only spend them if you can afford them, since there's a Star Path you'll need to buy in the future.

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