Dolly Parton’s Made-Up Word Is Now Allowed In Words With Friends

Imagine what it must feel like to make up a word and have it become widely accepted. To know that future generations will say something you just thought up off the top of your head. Iconic country singer-songwriter Dolly Parton probably understands that feeling, as she just got a word put into Words With Friends.

The new word is ‘Songteller’ and it will be featured as a “Word of the Day.” Those who play Words With Friends today, October 23, will see a special video message from Parton explaining the meaning of the word.

Songteller also happens to be the name of Parton’s new book: Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics. It’s sort of like a memoir, although Parton will be letting fans into her life through her songs. She’ll highlight key lyrics from 175 of her songs and what they mean in the context of her storied career.

Parton is apparently also getting into the streaming game. While we probably won’t be seeing her play Among Us anytime soon, she will be sharing anecdotes from Songteller on her TalkShopLive site. She’s streaming tonight at 6pm ET, and then fans can pre-order the book. Songteller the book comes out on November 17, but you can start surprising your opponents in Words With Friends  by using Songteller in your games now.

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