Don’t Expect More Kingdom Hearts 4 News Until "Way After E3"

Square Enix dropped a huge bombshell last week – Kingdom Hearts 4 is coming. But not anytime soon. Sora is ditching the shoes, getting the gang back together, and whipping out that iconic keyblade to stir some chaos. But we won't hear much else until "a very later date."

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in "early development" meaning that it's still a little while off from launching, but we at least know it's coming. In the wake of its announcement, director Tetsuya Nomura held a Q&A with fans for Kingdom Hearts' 20th anniversary. Here, he revealed that we won't hear more about the game until after the E3 period which is around summer, even if it E3 has been cancelled.

Given how far away Kingdom Hearts 4 is from release, you might be wondering why it was even announced, to begin with. Well according to Nomura, it was because Square Enix wanted to "avoid it being leaked early", getting ahead of spoilers. Leaks might still pour out, but Square Enix is leading the marketing so far.

Nomura also revealed that all the footage we saw was rendered in-game, even though it was rendered in Unreal Engine 4. The actual release build will be using Unreal Engine 5, so imagine the leap in visual quality when we do see the final build.

Nomura also teased that the narrator is "a character you have known for a long time." Could it be a gruff, beaten down Goofy, seeking revenge, wanting to put a knife to Sora's throat, or could it be Donald Duck? Probably neither. Probably. But we know who they are, even if we don't know who they are.

It's not the only new Kingdom Hearts that was announced, either. We also got a glimpse at the mobile game Missing Link which is getting a beta release later this year. While Kingdom Hearts 4 is still a ways off and in early development, Missing Link is far closer to release.

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