Dragon Age: Absolution Starts Streaming December 9 On Netflix

The TV series based on BioWare's popular video game series is coming to Netflix and its premiere date has been announced. Dragon Age: Absolution hits the streamer on December 9 and alongside this news a full trailer has been released for Dragon Age fans to pore over and get excited about.

"Welcome to Miriam's story…," so the official description goes. In this anime series, voice talent Kimberly Brooks steps into the role of Miriam, an elven mecernary who escapes enslavement from the Tevinter nation. It's all about her journey as she's "forced to confront the nation that destroyed her life and the man at the heart of her misery".

The Netflix show was created in collaboration with BioWare but since it is an adaptation and based on the world of the games, viewers can expect an ensemble of new characters inspired by Dragon Age lore. These include elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and "special surprises".

Meanwhile keen Dragon Age fans have already spotted what appear to be the Divines Cassandra and Leliana. It occurs around the 45-second mark in the above trailer. Check it out for yourselves, they do certainly share resemblance.

Elsewhere, we have confirmed characters including Fairbanks, who is a veteran freedom fighter who sports a pair of daggers. Qwydion, a "bubbly" Qunari mage, who likes things to go bang. Idealistic mage Hira who wants to rekindle romance with Miriam while advancing her crusade against Tevinter. Dwarven Lord of Fortune Lacklon, charming Roland, charismatic Rezaren, and hardworking and dutiful Tassia rounding out the main cast.

The Dragon Age games are among the most popular with western RPG fans and have built a devoted following. At the same time Netflix is building a reputation for creating popular shows based on video games. It enjoyed hits with the Arcane: League of Legends and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime, while The Witcher series has become a global success as a live-action adaptation starring Henry Cavill (yes it's based on the novels but the title is also well known as a video games series).

Dragon Age: Absolution hits Netflix exclusively on Friday December 9. Viewers can expect six 30-minute episodes. As for the games side, fans are still waiting eagerly on more news and information of the next title in the series, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Be sure to return to TheGamer for all news on this upcoming title as soon as we hear it.

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