Dragon Quest Island Is Now Open In Japan And It Looks Great

The grand opening of Dragon Quest Island went down this past weekend, and from what we can see so far it looks like a grand old time indeed.

Dragon Quest publisher Square Enix and Nijigen no Mori amusement park on Awaji island in Japan have created an immersive theme park inspired by the popular Japanese RPG series, Dragon Quest. The park brings together aspects of the games and opportunities for visitors to participate in real life adventures inspired by the series.

The Dragon Quest Island amusement park was announced at the end of last year, and a Spring grand opening was due to go down on April 29. Due to a sudden COVID-19 state of emergency in the area, however, this was postponed to last Saturday, May 15. Not too much of a delay at least, and as seen in YouTuber Kelsea Dyer’s vlog, things are up and running well so far.

If you’re wondering about the tickets for Dragon Quest Island, they come in three different tiers. There’s the regular 3,400 Yen (around $30) ticket that gets you access to the main attractions for about two hours. Then there’s an additional quest you can purchase for 5,400 Yen ($50) that adds an hour-long bonus quest involving infamous Dragon Quest character Robbin ‘ood.

Finally, there’s the most expensive Premium Ticket which will cost you a cool 11,400 Yen (just over $100). With it comes an exclusive item set including shield-shaped backpack, an adventure book cover, and a neck strap.

The opening of Dragon Quest Island comes at a very opportune time too, considering 2021 is the series’ 35th anniversary year. It’s certainly a fitting way to celebrate the iconic franchise’s long-standing success.

Later this month, a 35th anniversary stream will also be hosted by Square Enix, during which “information and the latest titles will be revealed.” Look out for the stream on May 26, 2021 (or May 27, depending on your location).

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