Dream Daddy: How To Romance Brian

Dream Daddy is a unique visual novel/romance otome. It not takes a quirky, LGBT-friendly cast, and proceeds to add a hilarious, special spin on top. That spin? Every eligible bachelor – players included – is a charming daddy.

One of these possible parental partners is the burlesque Brian Harding. The hefty, hearty man is a bit of a braggart for his dear daughter Daisy, but underneath that, he’s like any other good father: loving, funny, and absolutely dorky. For those interested in wooing this bear of a man, here’s a guide on how to do just that!

Likes and Dislikes

Brian is the stereotypical, burly barbeque dad. He likes fishing and other common camping activities. He also loves being handy around the house, from grilling a good piece of meat to building a brand new deck with his bare hands.

As is the theme with all other bachelors, Brian absolutely adores his daughter, Daisy. A bit too much, perhaps, as he also fulfills the role of Rival Dad, being an absolute braggart over her, and disliking when either of them is shown up, be it by the player and Amanda, or any of the other dads and their families.

First Encounters

The first time players will meet Brian is exploring the nearby park, where he’ll accidentally and unceremoniously nail the Dad-sona with a frisbee. It only has one interaction with choices, all of which have answers that’ll immediately improve relations with him.

This encounter is also home to the Brag Battle mini-game, in which gamers and a current daddy boast over their offspring of choice. It’s a goofy, RPG-battle style section that doesn’t really affect the Dad-sona’s relation to Brian (though their own ego is another thing). Just be prepared to always lose, as this minigame is rigged in Brian’s favor.

First Date: Game for Some Golf

For those seeking the rival-to-lovers route, players will have their first date with Brian at a mini-golf course. The date features a small minigame of golf, not that the results of said game will have an effect on the outcome of the date – win or lose, the route stays the same. And, of course, the waters will still be somewhat rival-esque this early in the relationship, so players should feel free to have a bit of competitive flair in their responses to Brian (though be sure not to be overtly cruel in boasting).

But behind that rival is a proud and loving father, so also be sure to give him time to brag about his daughter and life. Don’t worry, as players will have plenty of time to brag, too. And being dads, there’ll also be time set aside for the most fatherly thing in the game: corny, cringe-worthy jokes. The lack of cruelty still applies, but make sure they’re a knee-slapper as much as they are an eye-roller. Brian loves that sort of thing.

Second Date: Gone Fishing

The player’s second date with Brian will involve the latter’s favorite pass time: fishing! Being openly flirtatious with him during the date is advised, but when it comes to the actual activity, it will be best to take it seriously. So be sure to properly bait and cast the rod, and be patient while waiting for a bite. Real-life or game, it will take a while.

However, Brian won’t be the only one accompanying players on this date. He’ll also bring his dog, a small corgi named Maxwell. And he loves his canine companion as much as he does his darling daughter. If you want to get on Brian’s good side, be sure to treat Maxwell right. Play fetch, give him lots of loving, and Brian will be falling head over heels for players in no time. A happy doggy is a happy daddy, after all.

Sidenote: Catch of the Day

During Brian’s second date, players will engage in another minigame. This one is the Catch of the Day, and as its name suggests, players will be engaged in the actual fishing part of the date. They can earn points by aligning and catching three fish of the same kind in a single row or column. If players earn 2000 points or higher within the given time, they’ll unlock a small achievement of the same name.

Third Date: Carnival Crush

The last of Brian’s three dates will take place at a Carnival. Like both past dates, this funtastic setting will feature a minigame of its own. This time, the game is ski-ball. And like both previous games, the outcome of this one won’t have an effect on the final result of the date.

What will have an effect is the usual dialogue choices. And allowing Brian his time to shine and do a little bragging during these escapades will be best. So will being honest the one’s self, when the time comes to admit those feelings. Do this, and Brian will be successfully wooed, and players will be rewarded with a foxy pin-up of the burly man fishing.

Save Ferris

There is, of course, a small, secret achievement and ending, hidden amid the third date. Like the last choice, it will take place upon the Ferris Wheel. However, should players choose to be assholes over romantics, this path will then unlock. But to specifically achieve it, they’ll then have to attempt to throw a punch, and long story short, it will end with the Dad-sonas falling to their deaths.

This grim ending will unlock the achievement, and after it’s done, players can easily go back to their last save and get the more common finale to this romantic tale.

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